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Matthew 15

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15:1 Thanne the scribis and the Farisees camen to hym fro Jerusalem, and seiden,

15:2 Whi breken thi disciplis the tradiciouns of eldere men? for thei waisschen not her hondis, whanne thei eten breed.

15:3 He answeride, and seide to hem, Whi breken ye the maundement of God for youre tradicioun?

15:4 For God seide, Honoure thi fadir and thi modir, and he that cursith fadir or modir, die bi deeth.

15:5 But ye seien, Who euer seith to fadir or modir, What euere yifte is of me, it schal profite to thee;

15:6 and he hath not worschipid his fadir or his modir; and ye han maad the maundement of God voide for youre tradicioun.

15:7 Ypocritis, Isaie, the prophete, prophesiede wel of you,

15:8 and seide, This puple honourith me with lippis, but her herte is fer fro me;

15:9 and thei worschipen me `with outen cause, techynge the doctrines and maundementis of men.

15:10 And whanne the puple weren clepid to gidere to hym, he seide to hem, Here ye, and `vndurstonde ye.

15:11 That thing that entrith in to the mouth, defoulith not a man; but that thing that cometh out of the mouth, defoulith a man.

15:12 Thanne hise disciplis camen, and seiden to hym, Thou knowist, that, if this word be herd, the Farisees ben sclaundrid?

15:13 And he answeride, and seide, Eueri plauntyng, that my fadir of heuene hath not plauntid, shal be drawun vp by the roote.

15:14 Suffre ye hem; thei ben blynde, and leederis of blynde men. And if a blynd man lede a blynd man, bothe fallen doun in to the diche.

15:15 Petre answeride, and seide to hym, Expowne to vs this parable.

15:16 And he seide, Yit `ye ben also with oute vndurstondyng?

15:17 Vndurstonden ye not, that al thing that entrith in to the mouth, goith in to the wombe, and is sent out in to the goyng awei?

15:18 But tho thingis that comen forth fro the mouth, goon out of the herte, and tho thingis defoulen a man.

15:19 For of the herte goon out yuele thouytis, mansleyngis, auowtries, fornycaciouns, theftis, fals witnessyngis, blasfemyes.

15:20 Thes thingis it ben that defoulen a man; but to ete with hondis not waischun, defoulith not a man.

15:21 And Jhesus yede out fro thennus, and wente in to the coostis of Tire and Sidon.

15:22 And lo! a womman of Canane yede out of tho coostis, and criede, and seide to him, Lord, the sone of Dauid, haue merci on me; my douyter is yuel traueilid of a feend.

15:23 And he answeride not to hir a word. And hise disciplis camen, and preieden hym, and seiden, Leue thou hir, for she crieth aftir vs.

15:24 He answeride, and seide, Y am not sent, but to the scheep of the hous of Israel that perischiden.

15:25 And she cam, and worschipide hym, and seide, Lord, helpe me.

15:26 Which answeride, and seide, It is not good to take the breed of children, and caste to houndis.

15:27 And she seide, Yhis, Lord; for whelpis eten of the crummes, that fallen doun fro the bord of her lordis.

15:28 Thanne Jhesus answeride, and seide to hir, A! womman, thi feith is greet; be it doon to thee, as thou wolt. And hir douytir was helid fro that hour.

15:29 And whanne Jhesus hadde passed fro thennus, he cam bisidis the see of Galilee. And he yede vp in to an hil, and sat there.

15:30 And myche puple cam to hym, and hadden with hem doumbe men and crokid, feble and blynde, and many other; and thei castiden doun hem at hise feet. And he helide hem,

15:31 so that the puple wondriden seynge doumbe men spekynge, and crokid goynge, blynde men seynge; and thei magnyfieden God of Israel.

15:32 And Jhesus, whanne hise disciplis weren clepid to gidere, seide to hem, Y haue reuthe of the puple, for thei han abiden now thre daies with me, and han no thing to ete; and Y wole not leeue hem fastynge, lest thei failen in the weie.

15:33 And the disciplis seien to him, Wherof thanne so many looues among vs in desert, to fulfille so greet a puple?

15:34 And Jhesus seide to hem, Hou many looues han ye? And thei seiden, Seuene, and a fewe smale fisshis.

15:35 And he comaundide to the puple, to sitte to mete on the erthe.

15:36 And he took seuene looues and fyue fischis, and dide thankyngis, and brak, and yaf to hise disciplis; and the disciplis yauen to the puple.

15:37 And alle eten, and weren fulfillid, and thei token that that was left of relifes, seuene lepis fulle.

15:38 And thei that eten weren foure thousynde of men, with outen litle children and wymmen.

15:39 And whanne he hadde left the puple, he wente vp in to a boot, and cam in to the coostis of Magedan.


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