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Mark 11

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11:1 And whanne Jhesus cam nyy to Jerusalem and to Betanye, to the mount of Olyues, he sendith tweyne of hise disciplis, and seith to hem,

11:2 Go ye in to the castel that is ayens you; and anoon as ye entren there ye schulen fynde a colt tied, on which no man hath sete yit; vntie ye, and brynge hym.

11:3 And if ony man seye ony thing to you, What doen ye? seie ye, that he is nedeful to the Lord, and anoon he schal leeue hym hidir.

11:4 And thei yeden forth, and founden a colt tied bifor the yate with out forth, in the metyng of twei weies; and thei vntieden hym.

11:5 And summe of hem that stoden there seiden to hem, What doen ye, vntiynge the colt?

11:6 And thei seiden to hem, as Jhesus comaundide hem; and thei leften it to hem.

11:7 And thei brouyten the colt to Jhesu, and thei leiden on hym her clothis, and Jhesus sat on hym.

11:8 And many strewiden her clothis in the weie, othere men kittiden braunchis fro trees, and strewiden in the weie.

11:9 And thei that wenten bifor, and that sueden, crieden, and seiden, Osanna,

11:10 blissid is he that cometh in the name of the Lord; blessid be the kyngdom of oure fadir Dauid that is come; Osanna in hiyest thingis.

11:11 And he entride in to Jerusalem, in to the temple; and whanne he `hadde seyn al thing aboute, whanne it was eue, he wente out in to Betanye, with the twelue.

11:12 And anothir daye, whanne he wente out of Betanye, he hungride.

11:13 And whanne he hadde seyn a fige tree afer hauynge leeues, he cam, if happili he schulde fynde ony thing theron; and whanne he cam to it, he foonde no thing, out takun leeues; for it was not tyme of figis.

11:14 And Jhesus answeride and seide to it, Now neuer ete ony man fruyt of thee more. And hise disciplis herden;

11:15 and thei camen to Jerusalem. And whanne he was entrid in to the temple, he bigan to caste out silleris and biggeris in the temple; and he turnede vpsodoun the bordis of chaungeris, and the chayeris of men that selden culueris;

11:16 and he suffride not, that ony man schulde bere a vessel thorou the temple.

11:17 And he tauyte hem, and seide, Whether it is not writun, That myn hous schal be clepid the hous of preyng to alle folkis? but ye han maad it a denne of theues.

11:18 And whanne this thing was herd, the princis of prestis and scribis souyten hou thei schulden leese hym; for thei dredden hym, for al the puple wondride on his techyng.

11:19 And whanne euenyng was come, he wente out of the citee.

11:20 And as thei passiden forth eerli, thei sayn the fige tree maad drye fro the rootis.

11:21 And Petir bithouyte hym, and seide to hym, Maister, lo! the fige tree, whom thou cursidist, is dried vp.

11:22 And Jhesus answeride and seide to hem, Haue ye the feith of God;

11:23 treuli Y seie to you, that who euer seith to this hil, Be thou takun, and cast in to the see; and doute not in his herte, but bileueth, that what euer he seie, schal be don, it schal be don to hym.

11:24 Therfor Y seie to you, alle thingis what euer thingis ye preynge schulen axe, bileue ye that ye schulen take, and thei schulen come to you.

11:25 And whanne ye schulen stonde to preye, foryyue ye, if ye han ony thing ayens ony man, that youre fadir that is in heuenes, foryyue to you youre synnes.

11:26 And if ye foryyuen not, nether youre fadir that is in heuenes, schal foryyue to you youre synnes.

11:27 And eftsoone thei camen to Jerusalem. And whanne he walkide in the temple, the hiyeste prestis, and scribis, and the elder men camen to hym,

11:28 and seyn to hym, In what power doist thou these thingis? or who yaf to thee this power, that thou do these thingis?

11:29 Jhesus answeride and seide to hem, And Y schal axe you o word, and answere ye to me, and Y schal seie to you in what power Y do these thingis.

11:30 Whether was the baptym of Joon of heuene, or of men? answere ye to me.

11:31 And thei thouyten with ynne hem silf, seiynge, If we seien of heuene, he schal seie to vs, Whi thanne bileuen ye not to him;

11:32 if we seien of men, we dreden the puple; for alle men hadden Joon, that he was verili a prophete.

11:33 And thei answeryden, and seien to Jhesu, We witen neuer. And Jhesu answerde, and seide to hem, Nether Y seie to you, in what power Y do these thingis.


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