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Luke 24

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24:1 But in o dai of the woke ful eerli thei camen to the graue, and brouyten swete smellynge spices, that thei hadden arayed.

24:2 And thei founden the stoon turned awei fro the graue.

24:3 And thei yeden in, and founden not the bodi of the Lord Jhesu.

24:4 And it was don, the while thei weren astonyed in thouyt of this thing, lo! twei men stoden bisidis hem in schynynge cloth.

24:5 And whanne thei dredden, and boweden her semblaunt in to the erthe, thei seiden to hem, What seken ye hym that lyueth with deed men?

24:6 He is not here, but is risun. Haue ye mynde, hou he spak to you, whanne he was yit in Galile,

24:7 and seide, For it bihoueth mannys sone to be bitakun in to the hondis of synful men, and to be crucified, and the thridde dai to rise ayen.

24:8 And thei bithouyten on hise wordis.

24:9 And thei yeden ayen fro the graue, and telden alle these thingis to the enleuene, and to alle othir.

24:10 And ther was Marie Mawdeleyn, and Joone, and Marie of James, and other wymmen that weren with hem, that seiden to apostlis these thingis.

24:11 And these wordis weren seyn bifor hem as madnesse, and thei bileueden not to hem.

24:12 But Petir roos vp, and ran to the graue; and he bowide doun, and say the lynen clothis liynge aloone. And he wente bi him silf, wondrynge on that that was don.

24:13 And lo! tweyne of hem wenten in that dai in to a castel, that was fro Jerusalem the space of sixti furlongis, bi name Emaws.

24:14 And thei spaken togidir of alle these thingis that haddun bifallun.

24:15 And it was don, the while thei talkiden, and souyten bi hem silf, Jhesus hym silf neiyede, and wente with hem.

24:16 But her iyen weren holdun, that thei knewen him not.

24:17 And he seide to hem, What ben these wordis, that ye speken togidir wandrynge, and ye ben sorewful?

24:18 And oon, whos name was Cleofas, answerde, and seide, Thou thi silf art a pilgrym in Jerusalem, and hast thou not knowun, what thingis ben don in it in these daies?

24:19 To whom he seide, What thingis? And thei seiden to hym, Of Jhesu of Nazareth, that was a man prophete, myyti in werk and word bifor God and al the puple;

24:20 and hou the heiyest preestis of oure princis bitoken hym in to dampnacioun of deeth, and crucifieden hym.

24:21 But we hopiden, that he schulde haue ayenbouyt Israel. And now on alle these thingis the thridde dai is to dai, that these thingis weren don.

24:22 But also summe wymmen of ouris maden vs afered, whiche bifor dai weren at the graue; and whanne his bodi was not foundun,

24:23 thei camen, and seiden, that thei syen also a siyt of aungels, whiche seien, that he lyueth.

24:24 And summe of oure wenten to the graue, and thei founden so as the wymmen seiden, but thei founden not hym.

24:25 And he seide to hem, A! foolis, and slowe of herte to bileue in alle thingis that the prophetis han spokun.

24:26 Whethir it bihofte not Crist to suffre these thingis, and so to entre in to his glorie?

24:27 And he bigan at Moises and at alle the prophetis, and declaride to hem in alle scripturis, that weren of hym.

24:28 And thei camen nyy the castel, whidur thei wenten. And he made countenaunce that he wolde go ferthere.

24:29 And thei constreyneden hym, and seiden, Dwelle with vs, for it drawith to nyyt, and the dai is now bowid doun.

24:30 And he entride with hem. And it was don, while he sat at the mete with hem, he took breed, and blesside, and brak, and took to hem.

24:31 And the iyen of hem weren openyd, and thei knewen hym; and he vanyschide fro her iyen.

24:32 And thei seiden togidir, Whether oure herte was not brennynge in vs, while he spak in the weie, and openyde to vs scripturis?

24:33 And thei risen vp in the same our, and wenten ayen in to Jerusalem, and founden the enleuene gaderid togidir, and hem that weren with hem,

24:34 seiynge, That the Lord is risun verrili, and apperide to Symount.

24:35 And thei tolden what thingis weren don in the weie, and hou thei knewen hym in brekyng of breed.

24:36 And the while thei spaken these thingis, Jhesus stood in the myddil of hem, and seide to hem, Pees to you; Y am, nyle ye drede.

24:37 But thei weren affraied and agast, and gessiden hem to se a spirit.

24:38 And he seide to hem, What ben ye troblid, and thouytis comen vp in to youre hertis?

24:39 Se ye my hoondis and my feet, for Y my silf am. Fele ye, and se ye; for a spirit hath not fleisch and boonys, as ye seen that Y haue.

24:40 And whanne he hadde seid this thing, he schewide hoondis and feet to hem.

24:41 And yit while thei bileueden not, and wondriden for ioye, he seide, Han ye here ony thing that schal be etun?

24:42 And thei proferden hym a part of a fisch rostid, and an hony combe.

24:43 And whanne he hadde etun bifore hem, he took that that lefte, and yaf to hem;

24:44 and seide `to hem, These ben the wordis that Y spak to you, whanne Y was yit with you; for it is nede that alle thingis ben fulfillid, that ben writun in the lawe of Moises, and in prophetis, and in salmes, of me.

24:45 Thanne he openyde to hem wit, that thei schulden vnderstonde scripturis.

24:46 And he seide to hem, For thus it is writun, and thus it bihofte Crist to suffre, and ryse ayen fro deeth in the thridde dai;

24:47 and penaunce and remyssioun of synnes to be prechid in his name `in to alle folkis, bigynnynge at Jerusalem.

24:48 And ye ben witnessis of these thingis.

24:49 And Y schal sende the biheest of my fadir in to you; but sitte ye in the citee, til that ye be clothid with vertu from an hiy.

24:50 And he ledde hem forth in to Betanye, and whanne his hondis weren lift vp, he blesside hem.

24:51 And it was don, the while he blesside hem, he departide fro hem, and was borun in to heuene.

24:52 And thei worschipiden, and wenten ayen in to Jerusalem with greet ioye,

24:53 and weren euermore in the temple, heriynge and blessynge God.


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