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John 9

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9:1 And Jhesus passynge, seiy a man blynd fro the birthe.

9:2 And hise disciplis axiden hym, Maistir, what synnede this man, or hise eldris, that he schulde be borun blynd?

9:3 Jhesus answeride, Nether this man synnede, nether hise eldris; but that the werkis of God be schewid in hym.

9:4 It bihoueth me to worche the werkis of hym that sente me, as longe as the dai is; the nyyt schal come, whanne no man may worche.

9:5 As longe as Y am in the world, Y am the liyt of the world.

9:6 Whanne he hadde seid these thingis, he spette in to the erthe, and made cley of the spotil, and anoyntide the cley on hise iyen,

9:7 and seide to hym, Go, and be thou waisschun in the watir of Siloe, that is to seie, Sent. Thanne he wente, and waisschide, and cam seynge.

9:8 And so neiyboris, and thei that hadden seyn him bifor, for he was a beggere, seiden, Whether this is not he, that sat, and beggide?

9:9 Othere men seiden, That this it is; othere men seyden, Nai, but he is lijc hym.

9:10 But he seide, That Y am. Therfor thei seiden to hym, Hou ben thin iyen openyd?

9:11 He answerde, Thilke man, that is seid Jhesus, made clei, and anoyntide myn iyen, and seide to me, Go thou to the watre of Siloe, and wassche; and Y wente, and wasschide, and say.

9:12 And thei seiden to hym, Where is he? He seide, Y woot not.

9:13 Thei leden hym that was blynd to the Farisees.

9:14 And it was sabat, whanne Jhesus made cley, and openyde hise iyen.

9:15 Eft the Farisees axiden hym, hou he hadde seyn. And he seide to hem, He leide to me cley on the iyen; and Y wasschide, and Y se.

9:16 Therfor summe of the Fariseis seiden, This man is not of God, that kepith not the sabat. Othere men seiden, Hou may a synful man do these signes. And strijf was among hem.

9:17 Therfor thei seien eftsoone to the blynd man, What seist thou of hym, that openyde thin iyen? And he seide, That he is a prophete.

9:18 Therfor Jewis bileueden not of hym, that he was blynd, and hadde seyn, til thei clepiden his fadir and modir, that hadde seyn.

9:19 And thei axiden hem, and seiden, Is this youre sone, which ye seien was borun blynd? hou thanne seeth he now?

9:20 His fadir and modir answeriden to hem, and seiden, We witen, that this is oure sone, and that he was borun blynd;

9:21 but hou he seeth now, we witen neuer, or who openyde hise iyen, we witen nere; axe ye hym, he hath age, speke he of hym silf.

9:22 His fader and modir seiden these thingis, for thei dredden the Jewis; for thanne the Jewis hadden conspirid, that if ony man knoulechide hym Crist, he schulde be don out of the synagoge.

9:23 Therfor his fadir and modir seiden, That he hath age, axe ye hym.

9:24 Therfor eftsoone thei clepiden the man, that was blynd, and seiden to hym, Yyue thou glorie to God; we witen, that this man is a synnere.

9:25 Thanne he seide, If he is a synnere, Y woot neuer; o thing Y woot, that whanne Y was blynd, now Y se.

9:26 Therfor thei seiden to hym, What dide he to thee? hou openyde he thin iyen?

9:27 He answerde to hem, Y seide to you now, and ye herden; what wolen ye eftsoone here? whether ye wolen be maad hise discyplis?

9:28 Therfor thei cursiden hym, and seiden, Be thou his disciple; we ben disciplis of Moises.

9:29 We witen, that God spak to Moises; but we knowen not this, of whennus he is.

9:30 Thilke man answeride, and seide to hem, For in this is a wondurful thing, that ye witen not, of whennus he is, and he hath openyd myn iyen.

9:31 And we witen, that God herith not synful men, but if ony `man is worschypere of God, and doith his wille, he herith hym.

9:32 Fro the world it is not herd, that ony man openyde the iyen of a blynd borun man; but this were of God,

9:33 he myyt not do ony thing.

9:34 Thei answeriden, and seiden to hym, Thou art al borun in synnes, and techist thou vs? And thei putten hym out.

9:35 Jhesus herd, that thei hadden putte hym out; and whanne he hadde founde hym, he seide to hym, Bileuest thou in the sone of God?

9:36 He answerde, and seide, Lord, who is he, that Y bileue in hym?

9:37 And Jhesus seide to hym, And thou hast seyn him, and he it is, that spekith with thee.

9:38 And he seide, Lord, Y byleue. And he felle doun, and worschipide hym.

9:39 Therfore Jhesus seide to hym, Y cam in to this world, `in to doom, that thei that seen not, see, and thei that seen, be maad blynde.

9:40 And summe of the Faryseis herden, that weren with hym, and thei seiden to hym, Whether we ben blynde?

9:41 Jhesus seide to hem, If ye weren blynde, ye schulden not haue synne; but now ye seien, That we seen, youre synne dwellith stille.


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