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John 10

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10:1 Treuli, treuli, Y seie to you, he that cometh not in by the dore in to the foold of scheep, but stieth bi another weie, is a nyyt theef and a dai theef.

10:2 But he that entrith bi the dore, is the scheepherde of the scheep.

10:3 To this the porter openeth, and the scheep heren his vois, and he clepith his owne scheep bi name, and ledith hem out.

10:4 And whanne he hath don out his owne scheep, he goith bifor hem, and the scheep suen hym; for thei knowun his vois.

10:5 But thei suen not an alien, but fleen from hym; for thei han not knowun the vois of aliens.

10:6 Jhesus seide to hem this prouerbe; but thei knewen not what he spak to hem.

10:7 Therfor Jhesus seide to hem eftsoone, Treuli, treuli, Y seie to you, that Y am the dore of the scheep.

10:8 As many as han come, weren nyyt theues and day theues, but the scheep herden not hem.

10:9 Y am the dore. If ony man schal entre bi me, he schal be sauyd; and he schal go ynne, and schal go out, and he schal fynde lesewis.

10:10 A nyyt theef cometh not, but that he stele, sle, and leese; and Y cam, that thei han lijf, and haue more plenteousli.

10:11 I am a good scheepherde; a good scheepherde yyueth his lijf for hise scheep.

10:12 But an hirid hyne, and that is not the scheepherde, whos ben not the scheep his owne, seeth a wolf comynge, and he leeueth the scheep, and fleeth; and the wolf rauyschith, and disparplith the scheep.

10:13 And the hirid hyne fleeth, for he is an hirid hyne, and it parteyneth not to hym of the scheep.

10:14 Y am a good scheepherde, and Y knowe my scheep, and my scheep knowen me.

10:15 As the fadir hath knowun me, Y knowe the fadir; and Y putte my lijf for my scheep.

10:16 Y haue othere scheep, that ben not of this foolde, and it bihoueth me to brynge hem togidir, and thei schulen here my vois; and it schal be maad o foolde and o scheepherde.

10:17 Therfor the fadir loueth me, for Y putte my lijf, that eftsoone Y take it.

10:18 No man takith it fro me, but Y putte it of my silf. Y haue power to putte it, and Y haue power to take it ayen. This maundement Y haue takun of my fadir.

10:19 Eft dissencioun was maad among the Jewis for these wordis.

10:20 And many of hem seiden, He hath a deuel, and maddith; what heren ye hym?

10:21 Othere men seiden, These wordis ben not of a man that hath a feend. Whether the deuel may opene the iyen of blynde men?

10:22 But the feestis of halewyng of the temple weren maad in Jerusalem, and it was wyntir.

10:23 And Jhesus walkide in the temple, in the porche of Salomon.

10:24 Therfor the Jewis camen aboute hym, and seiden to hym, Hou long takist thou awei oure soule? if thou art Crist, seie thou to vs opynli.

10:25 Jhesus answerde to hem, Y speke to you, and ye bileuen not; the werkis that Y do in the name of my fadir, beren witnessyng of me.

10:26 But ye bileuen not, for ye ben not of my scheep.

10:27 My scheep heren my vois, and Y knowe hem, and thei suen me.

10:28 And Y yyue to hem euerelastynge lijf, and thei schulen not perische with outen ende, and noon schal rauysche hem fro myn hoond.

10:29 That thing that my fadir yaf to me, is more than alle thingis; and no man may rauysche fro my fadris hoond.

10:30 Y and the fadir ben oon.

10:31 The Jewis token vp stoonys, to stoone hym.

10:32 Jhesus answerde to hem, Y haue schewide to you many good werkis of my fadir, for which werk of hem stonen ye me?

10:33 The Jewis answerden to hym, We stoonen thee not of good werk, but of blasfemye, and for thou, sithen thou art a man, makist thi silf God.

10:34 Jhesus answerde to hem, Whether it is not writun in youre lawe, That Y seide, Ye ben goddis?

10:35 Yf he seide that thei weren goddis, to whiche the word of God was maad, and scripture may not be vndon,

10:36 thilke that the fadir hath halewid, and hath sent in to the world, ye seien, That `thou blasfemest, for Y seide, Y am Goddis sone?

10:37 Yf Y do not the werkis of my fadir, nyle ye bileue to me;

10:38 but if Y do, thouy ye wolen not bileue to me, bileue ye to the werkis; that ye knowe and bileue, that the fadir is in me, and Y in the fadir.

10:39 Therfor thei souyten to take hym, and he wente out of her hondis.

10:40 And he wente eftsoone ouer Jordan, in to that place where Joon was firste baptisynge, and he dwelte there.

10:41 And manye camen to hym, and seiden, For Joon dide no myracle;

10:42 and alle thingis what euer Joon seide of this, weren sothe. And many bileueden in hym.


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