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Acts 6

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6:1 But in tho daies, whanne the noumbre of disciplis encreesside, the Grekis grutchiden ayens the Ebrews, for that her widewis weren dispisid in euery daies mynystryng.

6:2 And the twelue clepiden togidere the multitude of disciplis, and seiden, It is not ryytful, that we leeuen the word of God, and mynystren to boordis.

6:3 Therfor, britheren, biholde ye men of you of good fame, ful of the Hooli Goost and of wisdom, whiche we schulen ordeyne on this werk;

6:4 for we schulen be bisi to preier, and preche the word of God.

6:5 And the word pleside bifor al the multitude; and thei chesiden Styuen, a man ful of feith and of the Hooli Goost, and Filip, and Procore, and Nycanor, and Tymon, and Parmanam, and Nycol, a comelyng, a man of Antioche.

6:6 Thei ordeyneden these bifor the siyt of apostlis, and thei preyeden, and leiden hoondis on hem.

6:7 And the word of the Lord wexide, and the noumbre of the disciplis in Jerusalem was myche multiplied; also myche cumpany of preestis obeiede to the feith.

6:8 And Steuen, ful of grace and of strengthe, made wondris and grete signes in the puple.

6:9 But summe rysen of the synagoge, that was clepid of Libertyns, and Cirenensis, and of men of Alisaundre, and of hem that weren of Cilice and of Asie, and disputiden with Steuene.

6:10 And thei miyten not withstonde the wisdom and the spirit, that spak.

6:11 Thanne thei priueli senten men, that schulden seie, that thei herden hym seiynge wordis of blasfemye ayens Moises and God.

6:12 And so thei moueden togidere the puple, and the eldre men, and the scribis; and thei rannen togidre, and token hym, and brouyten in to the counsel.

6:13 And thei ordeyneden false witnessis, that seiden, This man ceessith not to speke wordis ayens the hooli place, and the lawe.

6:14 For we herden hym seiynge, That this Jhesus of Nazareth schal destrye this place, and schal chaunge the tradiciouns, whiche Moyses bitook to us.

6:15 And alle men that seten in the counsel bihelden hym, and sayn his face as the face of an aungel.


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