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Acts 18

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18:1 Aftir these thingis Poul yede out of Atenes, and cam to Corinthie.

18:2 And he fonde a man, a Jewe, Aquila bi name, of Ponte bi kynde, that late cam from Ytalie, and Priscille, his wijf, for that Claudius comaundide alle Jewis to departe fro Rome; and he cam to hem.

18:3 And for he was of the same craft, he dwellide with hem, and wrouyte; and thei weren of roopmakeris craft.

18:4 And he disputide in the synagoge bi ech sabat, puttynge among the name of the Lord Jhesu; and he counselide Jewis and Grekis.

18:5 And whanne Silas and Tymothe camen fro Macedonye, Poul yaf bisynesse to the word, and witnesside to the Jewis, that Jhesu is Crist.

18:6 But whanne thei ayenseiden and blasfemyden, he schoke awei hise clothis, and seide to hem, Youre blood be on youre heed; Y schal be clene from hennus forth, and schal go to hethene men.

18:7 And he passide fro thennus, and entride in to the hous of a iust man, Tite bi name, that worschipide God, whos hous was ioyned to the synagoge.

18:8 And Crispe, prince of the synagoge, bileuede to the Lord, with al his hous. And many of the Corinthies herden, and bileueden, and weren cristened.

18:9 And the Lord seide bi nyyt to Poul bi a visioun, Nyle thou drede, but speke, and be not stille;

18:10 for Y am with thee, and no man schal be put to thee to noye thee, for myche puple is to me in this citee.

18:11 And he dwellide there a yeer and sixe monethis, techinge among hem the word of God.

18:12 But whanne Gallion was proconsul of Acaye, Jewis risen vp with oo wille ayens Poul, and ledden hym to the doom,

18:13 and seiden, Ayens the lawe this counselith men to worschipe God.

18:14 And whanne Poul bigan to opene his mouth, Gallion seide to the Jewis, If there were ony wickid thing, ether yuel trespas, ye Jewis, riytli Y schulde suffre you;

18:15 but if questiouns ben of the word, and of names of youre lawe, bisee you silf; Y wole not be domesman of these thingis.

18:16 And he droof hem fro the doom place.

18:17 And alle token Sostenes, prince of the synagoge, and smoten him bifor the doom place; and no thing of these was to charge to Gallion.

18:18 And whanne Poul hadde abidun many daies, he seide fare wel to britheren, and bi boot cam to Syrie. And Priscille and Aquila camen with hym, whiche hadden clippid his heed in Tencris; for he had a vow.

18:19 And he cam to Effesie, and there he lefte hem; and he yede in to the synagoge, and disputide with Jewis.

18:20 And whanne thei preieden, that he schulde dwelle more time,

18:21 he consentide not, but he made `fare wel, and seide, Eft Y schal turne ayen to you, if God wole; and he wente forth fro Effesi.

18:22 And he cam doun to Cesarie, and he yede vp, and grette the chirche, and cam doun to Antiochie.

18:23 And whanne he hadde dwellide there sumwhat of time, he wente forth, walkinge bi rewe thorou the cuntrei of Galathie, and Frigie, and confermyde alle the disciplis.

18:24 But a Jewe, Apollo bi name, a man of Alisaundre of kinde, a man eloquent, cam to Effesie; and he was myyti in scripturis.

18:25 This man was tauyt the weie of the Lord, and was feruent in spirit, and spak, and tauyte diligentli tho thingis that weren of Jhesu, and knew oonli the baptym of Joon.

18:26 And this man bigan to do tristili in the synagoge. Whom whanne Priscille and Aquila herden, thei token hym, and more diligentli expowneden to hym the weie of the Lord.

18:27 And whanne he wolde go to Acaie, britheren excitiden, and wroten to the disciplis, that thei schulden resseyue hym; which whanne he cam, yaf myche to hem that bileueden.

18:28 For he greetli ouercam Jewis, and schewide opynli bi scripturis, that Jhesu is Crist.


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