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Romans 11

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11:1 Therfor Y seie, Whether God hath put awei his puple? God forbede. For Y am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the lynage of Beniamyn.

11:2 God hath not put awei his puple, which he bifor knew. Whether ye witen not, what the scripture seith in Elie? Hou he preieth God ayens Israel,

11:3 Lord, thei han slayn thi prophetis, thei han vndurdoluun thin auteris, and Y am lefte aloone, and thei seken my lijf.

11:4 But what seith Goddis answere to hym? Y haue left to me seuene thousyndes of men, that han not bowid her knees bifore Baal.

11:5 So therfor also in this tyme, the relifs ben maad saaf, bi the chesyng of the grace of God.

11:6 And if it be bi the grace of God, it is not now of werkis; ellis grace is not now grace.

11:7 What thanne? Israel hath not getun this that he souyte, but eleccioun hath getun; and the othere ben blyndid.

11:8 As it is writun, God yaf to hem a spirit of compunccioun, iyen that thei se not, and eeris, that thei here not, in to this dai.

11:9 And Dauith seith, Be the boord of hem maad in to a gryn bifor hem, and in to catchyng, and in to sclaundre, and in to yeldyng to hem.

11:10 Be the iyen of hem maad derk, that thei se not; and bowe thou doun algatis the bak of hem.

11:11 Therfor Y seie, Whether thei offendiden so, that thei schulden falle doun? God forbede. But bi the gilt of hem helthe is maad to hethene men, that thei sue hem.

11:12 That if the gilt of hem ben richessis of the world, and the makyng lesse of hem ben richessis of hethene men, hou myche more the plente of hem?

11:13 But Y seie to you, hethene men, for as longe as Y am apostle of hethene men, Y schal onoure my mynysterie,

11:14 if in ony maner Y stire my fleisch for to folowe, and that Y make summe of hem saaf.

11:15 For if the loss of hem is the recouncelyng of the world, what is the takyng vp, but lijf of deede men?

11:16 For if a litil part of that that is tastid be hooli, the hool gobet is hooli; and if the roote is hooli, also the braunchis.

11:17 What if ony of the braunchis ben brokun, whanne thou were a wielde olyue tre, art graffid among hem, and art maad felowe of the roote, and of the fatnesse of the olyue tre,

11:18 nyle thou haue glorie ayens the braunchis. For if thou gloriest, thou berist not the roote, but the roote thee.

11:19 Therfor thou seist, The braunchis ben brokun, that Y be graffid in.

11:20 Wel, for vnbileue the braunchis ben brokun; but thou stondist bi feith. Nyle thou sauere hiye thing,

11:21 but drede thou, for if God sparide not the kyndli braunchis, lest perauenture he spare not thee.

11:22 Therfor se the goodnesse, and the fersnesse of God; yhe, the feersnesse in to hem that felden doun, but the goodnesse of God in to thee, if thou dwellist in goodnesse, ellis also thou schalt be kit doun.

11:23 Yhe, and thei schulen be set yn, if thei dwellen not in vnbileue. For God is myyti, to sette hem in eftsoone.

11:24 For if thou art kit doun of the kyndeli wielde olyue tre, and ayens kynd art set in to a good olyue tre, hou myche more thei that ben bi kynde, schulen be set in her olyue tree?

11:25 But, britheren, Y wole not that ye vnknowen this mysterie, that ye be not wise to you silf; for blyndenesse hath feld a parti in Israel, til that the plente of hethene men entride,

11:26 and so al Israel schulde be maad saaf. As it is writun, He schal come of Syon, that schal delyuere, and turne awei the wickidnesse of Jacob.

11:27 And this testament to hem of me, whanne Y schal do awei her synnes.

11:28 Aftir the gospel thei ben enemyes for you, but thei ben moost dereworthe bi the eleccioun for the fadris.

11:29 And the yiftis and the cleping of God ben with outen forthenkyng.

11:30 And as sum tyme also ye bileueden not to God, but now ye han gete mercy for the vnbileue of hem;

11:31 so and these now bileueden not in to youre merci, that also thei geten merci.

11:32 For God closide alle thingis togidere in vnbileue, that he haue mercy on alle.

11:33 O! the heiynesse of the ritchessis of the wisdom and of the kunnyng of God; hou incomprehensible ben hise domes, and hise weies ben vnserchable.

11:34 For whi who knew the wit of the Lord, or who was his counselour? or who formere yaf to hym,

11:35 and it schal be quyt to hym?

11:36 For of hym, and bi hym, and in hym ben alle thingis. To hym be glorie in to worldis. Amen.


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