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Romans 12

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12:1 Therfore, britheren, Y biseche you bi the mercy of God, that ye yyue youre bodies a lyuynge sacrifice, hooli, plesynge to God, and youre seruyse resonable.

12:2 And nyle ye be confourmyd to this world, but be ye reformed in newnesse of youre wit, that ye preue which is the wille of God, good, and wel plesynge, and parfit.

12:3 For Y seie, bi the grace that is youun to me, to alle that ben among you, that ye sauere no more than it bihoueth to sauere, but for to sauere to sobrenesse; and to ech man, as God hath departid the mesure of feith.

12:4 For as in o bodi we han many membris, but alle the membris han not the same dede;

12:5 so we many ben o bodi in Crist, and eche ben membris oon of anothir.

12:6 Therfor we that han yiftis dyuersynge, aftir the grace that is youun to vs,

12:7 ethir prophecie, aftir the resoun of feith; ethir seruise, in mynystryng; ether he that techith, in techyng;

12:8 he that stirith softli, in monestyng; he that yyueth, in symplenesse; he that is souereyn, in bisynesse; he that hath merci, in gladnesse.

12:9 Loue with outen feynyng, hatynge yuel, drawynge to good;

12:10 louynge togidere the charite of britherhod. Eche come bifore to worschipen othere;

12:11 not slow in bisynesse, feruent in spirit, seruynge to the Lord,

12:12 ioiynge in hope, pacient in tribulacioun, bisy in preier,

12:13 yyuynge good to the nedis of seyntis, kepynge hospitalite.

12:14 Blesse ye men that pursuen you; blesse ye, and nyle ye curse;

12:15 for to ioye with men that ioyen, for to wepe with men that wepen.

12:16 Fele ye the same thing togidere; not sauerynge heiy thingis, but consentynge to meke thingis. Nile ye be prudent anentis you silf;

12:17 to no man yeldynge yuel for yuel, but purueye ye good thingis, not oneli bifor God, but also bifor alle men.

12:18 If it may be don, that that is of you, haue ye pees with alle men.

12:19 Ye moost dere britheren, not defendynge you silf, but yyue ye place to wraththe; for it is writun, The Lord seith, To me veniaunce, and Y schal yelde.

12:20 But if thin enemy hungrith, fede thou hym; if he thirstith, yyue thou drynke to hym; for thou doynge this thing schalt gidere togidere colis on his heed.

12:21 Nyle thou be ouercomun of yuel, but ouercome thou yuel bi good.


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