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Romans 15

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15:1 But we saddere men owen to susteyne the feblenesses of sijke men, and not plese to vs silf.

15:2 Eche of vs plese to his neiybore in good, to edificacioun.

15:3 For Crist pleside not to hym silf, as it is writun, The repreues of men dispisynge thee, felden on me.

15:4 For what euere thingis ben writun, tho ben writun to oure techynge, that bi pacience and coumfort of scripturis we haue hope.

15:5 But God of pacience and of solace yyue to you to vndurstonde the same thing, ech in to othere aftir Jhesu Crist,

15:6 that ye of o wille with o mouth worschipe God and the fadir of oure Lord Jhesu Crist.

15:7 For which thing take ye togidere, as also Crist took you in to the onour of God.

15:8 For Y seie, that Jhesu Crist was a mynystre of circumcisioun for the treuthe of God, to conferme the biheestis of fadris.

15:9 And hethene men owen to onoure God for merci; as it is writun, Therfor, Lord, Y schal knowleche to thee among hethene men, and Y schal synge to thi name.

15:10 And eft he seith, Ye hethene men, be ye glad with his puple.

15:11 And eft, Alle hethene men, herie ye the Lord; and alle puplis, magnefie ye hym.

15:12 And eft Isaie seith, Ther schal be a roote of Jesse, that schal rise vp to gouerne hethene men, and hethene men schulen hope in hym.

15:13 And God of hope fulfille you in al ioye and pees in bileuynge, that ye encrees in hope and vertu of the Hooli Goost.

15:14 And, britheren, Y my silf am certeyn of you, that also ye ben ful of loue, and ye ben fillid with al kunnyng, so that ye moun moneste ech other.

15:15 And, britheren, more boldli Y wroot to you a parti, as bryngynge you in to mynde, for the grace that is youun to me of God,

15:16 that Y be the mynystre of Crist Jhesu among hethene men. And Y halewe the gospel of God, that the offryng of hethene men be acceptid, and halewid in the Hooli Goost.

15:17 Therfor Y haue glorie in Crist Jhesu to God.

15:18 For Y dar not speke ony thing of tho thingis, whiche Crist doith not bi me, in to obedience of hethene men, in word and dedis,

15:19 in vertu of tokenes and grete wondris, in vertu of the Hooli Goost, so that fro Jerusalem bi cumpas to the Illirik see Y haue fillid the gospel of Crist.

15:20 And so Y haue prechid this gospel, not where Crist was named, lest Y bilde vpon anotheres ground, but as it is writun,

15:21 For to whom it is not teld of him, thei schulen se, and thei that herden not, schulen vndurstonde.

15:22 For which thing Y was lettid ful myche to come to you, and Y am lettid to this tyme.

15:23 And now Y haue not ferthere place in these cuntrees, but Y haue desire to come to you, of many yeris that ben passid.

15:24 Whanne Y bygynne to passe in to Spayne, Y hope that in my goyng Y schal se you, and of you Y schal be led thidur, if Y vse you first in parti.

15:25 Therfor now Y schal passe forth to Jerusalem, to mynystre to seyntis.

15:26 For Macedonye and Acaie han assaied to make sum yifte to pore men of seyntis, that ben in Jerusalem.

15:27 For it pleside to hem, and thei ben dettouris of hem; for hethene men ben maad parteneris of her goostli thingis, thei owen also in fleischli thingis to mynystre to hem.

15:28 Therfor whanne Y haue endid this thing, and haue asigned to hem this fruyt, Y schal passe bi you in to Spayne.

15:29 And Y woot, that Y comynge to you, schal come `in to the abundaunce of the blessing of Crist.

15:30 Therfor, britheren, Y biseche you bi oure Lord Jhesu Crist, and bi charite of the Hooli Goost, that ye helpe me in youre preyeris to the Lord,

15:31 that Y be delyuerid fro the vnfeithful men, that ben in Judee, and that the offryng of my seruyce be acceptid in Jerusalem to seyntis;

15:32 that Y come to you in ioye, bi the wille of God, and that Y be refreischid with you. And God of pees be with you alle. Amen.


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