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1 Corinthians 2

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2:1 And Y, britheren, whanne Y cam to you, cam not in the heiynesse of word, ethir of wisdom, tellynge to you the witnessyng of Crist.

2:2 For Y demede not me to kunne ony thing among you, but Crist Jhesu, and hym crucified.

2:3 And Y in sikenesse, and drede, and myche trembling, was among you;

2:4 and my word and my preching was not in suteli sturyng wordis of mannus wisdom, but in schewyng of spirit and of vertu;

2:5 that youre feith be not in the wisdom of men, but in the vertu of God.

2:6 For we speken wisdom among perfit men, but not wisdom of this world, nether of princes of this world, that ben distried;

2:7 but we speken the wisdom of God in mysterie, `which wisdom is hid; which wisdom God bifor ordeynede bifor worldis in to oure glorie,

2:8 which noon of the princes of this world knew; for if thei hadden knowe, thei schulden neuere haue crucified the Lord of glorie.

2:9 But as it is writun, That iye say not, ne eere herde, nether it stiede in to herte of man, what thingis God arayede to hem that louen hym;

2:10 but God schewide to vs bi his spirit. For whi the spirit serchith alle thingis, yhe, the depe thingis of God.

2:11 And who of men woot, what thingis ben of man, but the spirit of man that is in hym? So what thingis ben of God, no man knowith, but the spirit of God.

2:12 And we han not resseiued the spirit of this world, but the spirit that is of God, that we wite what thingis ben youun to vs of God.

2:13 Whiche thingis we speken also, not in wise wordis of mannus wisdom, but in the doctryn of the spirit, and maken a liknesse of spiritual thingis to goostli men.

2:14 For a beestli man perseyueth not tho thingis that ben of the spirit of God; for it is foli to hym, and he may not vndurstonde, for it is examyned goostli.

2:15 But a spiritual man demeth alle thingis, and he is demed of no man.

2:16 As it is writun, And who knew the wit of the Lord, or who tauyte hym? And we han the wit of Crist.


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