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1 Corinthians 3

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3:1 And Y, britheren, myyte not speke to you as to spiritual men, but as to fleischli men;

3:2 as to litle children in Crist, Y yaf to you mylk drynke, not mete; for ye myyten not yit, nether ye moun now, for yit ye ben fleischli.

3:3 For while strijf is among you, whether ye ben not fleischli, and ye gon aftir man?

3:4 For whanne summe seith, Y am of Poul, another, But Y am of Apollo, whethir ye ben not men? What therfor is Apollo, and what Poul?

3:5 Thei ben mynystris of hym, to whom ye han bileuyd; and to ech man as God hath youun.

3:6 Y plauntide, Apollo moystide, but God yaf encreessyng.

3:7 Therfor nether he that plauntith is ony thing, nethir he that moistith, but God that yiueth encreessyng.

3:8 And he that plauntith, and he that moistith, ben oon; and ech schal take his owne mede, aftir his trauel.

3:9 For we ben the helperis of God; ye ben the erthetiliyng of God, ye ben the bildyng of God.

3:10 Aftir the grace `of God that is youun to me, as a wise maistir carpenter Y settide the foundement; and another bildith aboue. But ech man se, hou he bildith aboue.

3:11 For no man may sette another foundement, outtakun that that is sett, which is Crist Jhesus.

3:12 For if ony bildith ouer this foundement, gold, siluer, preciouse stoonys, stickis, hey, or stobil, euery mannus werk schal be open;

3:13 for the dai of the Lord schal declare, for it schal be schewid in fier; the fier schal preue the werk of ech man, what maner werk it is.

3:14 If the werk of ony man dwelle stille, which he bildide aboue, he schal resseyue mede.

3:15 If ony mannus werk brenne, he schal suffre harm; but he schal be saaf, so netheles as bi fier.

3:16 Witen ye not, that ye ben the temple of God, and the spirit of God dwellith in you?

3:17 And if ony defoulith the temple of God, God schal leese hym; for the temple of God is hooli, which ye ben.

3:18 No man disseyue hym silf. If ony man among you is seyn to be wiys in this world, be he maad a fool, that he be wijs.

3:19 For the wisdom of this world is foli anentis God; for it is writun, Y schal catche wise men in her fel wisdom;

3:20 and eft, The Lord knowith the thouytis of wise men, for tho ben veyn.

3:21 Therfor no man haue glorie in men.

3:22 For alle thingis ben youre, ethir Poul, ether Apollo, ether Cefas, ether the world, ether lijf, ether deth, ether thingis present, ethir thingis to comynge; for alle thingis ben youre,

3:23 and ye ben of Crist, and Crist is of God.


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