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1 Corinthians 5

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5:1 In al maner fornycacioun is herd among you, and siche fornycacioun, which is not among hethene men, so that summan haue the wijf of his fadir.

5:2 And ye ben bolnyd with pride, and not more hadden weilyng, that he that dide this werk, be takun awei fro the myddil of you.

5:3 And Y absent in bodi, but present in spirit, now haue demyd as present hym that hath thus wrouyt, whanne

5:4 ye ben gaderid togidere in the name of oure Lord Jhesu Crist, and my spirit, with the vertu of the Lord Jhesu,

5:5 to take siche a man to Sathanas, in to the perischyng of fleisch, that the spirit be saaf in the dai of oure Lord Jhesu Crist.

5:6 Youre gloriyng is not good. Witen ye not, that a litil sourdow apeyrith al the gobet?

5:7 Clense ye out the old sourdow, that ye be new sprengyng togidere, as ye ben therf. For Crist offrid is oure pask.

5:8 Therfor ete we, not in eld sourdowy, nether in sourdowy of malice and weywardnesse, but in therf thingis of clernesse and of treuthe.

5:9 I wroot to you in a pistle, that ye be not medlid with letchours,

5:10 not with letchours of this world, ne coueitous men, ne raueynours, ne with men seruynge to mawmetis, ellis ye schulden haue go out of this world.

5:11 But now Y wroot to you, that ye be not meynd. But if he that is named a brother among you, and is a letchour, or coueitouse, or seruynge to ydols, or cursere, or ful of drunkenesse, or raueynour, to take no mete with siche.

5:12 For what is it to me to deme of hem that ben with oute forth? Whether ye demen not of thingis that ben with ynne forth?

5:13 For God schal deme hem that ben withouten forth. Do ye awei yuel fro you silf.


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