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1 Corinthians 6

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6:1 Dar any of you that hath a cause ayens another, be demed at wickid men, and not at hooli men?

6:2 Whether ye witen not, that seyntis schulen deme of this world? And if the world schal be demed bi you, be ye vnworthi to deme of the leste thingis?

6:3 Witen ye not, that we schulen deme aungels? hou myche more worldli thingis?

6:4 Therfor if ye han worldli domes, ordeyne ye tho contemptible men, that ben in the chirche, to deme.

6:5 Y seie to make you aschamed. So ther is not ony wise man, that may deme bitwixe a brothir and his brothir;

6:6 but a brothir with brothir stryueth in dom, and that among vnfeithful men.

6:7 And now trespas is algatis in you, for ye han domes among you. Whi rather take ye no wrong? whi rather suffre ye not disseit?

6:8 But and ye doen wrong, and doen fraude, and that to britheren.

6:9 Whether ye witen not, that wickid men schulen not welde the kyngdom of God? Nyle ye erre; nethir letchours, nether men that seruen mawmetis, nether auouteris,

6:10 nether letchouris ayen kynde, nether thei that doon letcheri with men, nether theues, nether auerouse men, nethir `ful of drunkenesse, nether curseris, nether rauenours, schulen welde the kyngdom of God.

6:11 And ye weren sum tyme these thingis; but ye ben waischun, but ye ben halewid, but ye ben iustefied in the name of oure Lord Jhesu Crist, and in the spirit of oure God.

6:12 Alle thingis ben leeueful to me, but not alle thingis ben spedeful. Alle thingis ben leeueful to me, but Y schal not be brouyt doun vndur ony mannus power.

6:13 Mete to the wombe, and the wombe to metis; and God schal distruye bothe this and that. And the bodi not to fornycacioun, but to the Lord, and the Lord to the bodi.

6:14 For God reiside the Lord, and schal reise vs bi his vertu.

6:15 Witen ye not, that youre bodies ben membris of Crist? Schal Y thanne take the membris of Crist, and schal Y make the membris of an hoore? God forbede.

6:16 Whether ye witen not, that he that cleueth to an hoore, is maad o bodi? For he seith, Ther schulen be tweyne in o fleisch.

6:17 And he that cleueth to the Lord, is o spirit.

6:18 Fle ye fornycacioun; al synne what euere synne a man doith, is with out the bodi; but he that doith fornycacioun, synneth ayens his bodi.

6:19 Whether ye witen not, that youre membris ben the temple of the Hooli Goost, that is in you, whom ye han of God, and ye ben not youre owne?

6:20 For ye ben bouyt with greet prijs. Glorifie ye, and bere ye God in youre bodi.


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