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1 Corinthians 8

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8:1 But of these thingis that ben sacrified to ydols, we witen, for alle we han kunnyng. But kunnyng blowith, charite edefieth.

8:2 But if ony man gessith, that he kan ony thing, he hath not yit knowe hou it bihoueth hym to kunne.

8:3 And if ony man loueth God, this is knowun of hym.

8:4 But of metis that ben offrid to idols, we witen, that an idol is no thing in the world, and that ther is no God but oon.

8:5 For thouy ther ben summe that ben seid goddis, ethir in heuene, ether in erthe, as ther ben many goddis, and many lordis;

8:6 netheles to vs is o God, the fadir, of whom ben alle thingis, and we in hym; and o Lord Jhesu Crist, bi whom ben alle thingis, and we bi hym.

8:7 But not in alle men is kunnyng. For summen with conscience of ydol til now eten as thing offrid to idolis; and her conscience is defoulid, for it is sijk.

8:8 Mete comendith vs not to God; for nether we schulen faile, if we eten not, nether if we eten, we schulen haue plente.

8:9 But se ye, lest perauenture this your leeue be maad hurtyng to sijke men.

8:10 For if ony man schal se hym, that hath kunnyng, etynge in a place where idols ben worschipid, whethir his conscience, sithen it is sijke, schal not be edified to ete thingis offrid to idols?

8:11 And the sijk brothir, for whom Crist diede, schal perische in thi kunnyng.

8:12 For thus ye synnyng ayens britheren, and smytynge her sijk conscience synnen ayens Crist.

8:13 Wherfor if mete sclaundrith my brother, Y schal neuere ete fleisch, lest Y sclaundre my brothir.


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