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1 Corinthians 11

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11:1 Be ye my foleweris, as Y am of Crist.

11:2 And, britheren, Y preise you, that bi alle thingis ye ben myndeful of me; and as Y bitook to you my comaundementis, ye holden.

11:3 But Y wole that ye wite, that Crist is heed of ech man; but the heed of the womman is the man; and the heed of Crist is God.

11:4 Ech man preiynge, or profeciynge, whanne his heed is hilid, defoulith his heed.

11:5 But ech womman preiynge, or profeciynge, whanne hir heed is not hilid, defoulith hir heed; for it is oon, as if sche were pollid.

11:6 And if a womman be not keuered, be sche pollid; and if it is foul thing to a womman to be pollid, or to be maad ballid, hile sche hir heed.

11:7 But a man schal not hile his heed, for he is the ymage and the glorie of God; but a womman is the glorie of man.

11:8 For a man is not of the womman, but the womman of the man.

11:9 And the man is not maad for the womman, but the womman for the man.

11:10 Therfor the womman schal haue an hilyng on hir heed, also for aungelis.

11:11 Netheles nether the man is with outen womman, nether the womman is with oute man, in the Lord.

11:12 Forwhi as the womman is of man, so the man is bi the womman; but alle thingis ben of God.

11:13 Deme ye you silf; bisemeth it a womman not hilid on the heed to preye God?

11:14 Nether the kynde it silf techith vs, for if a man nursche longe heer, it is schenschipe to hym;

11:15 but if a womman nurische longe heer, it is glorie to hir, for heeris ben youun to hir for keueryng.

11:16 But if ony man is seyn to be ful of strijf, we han noon siche custom, nethir the chirche of God.

11:17 But this thing Y comaunde, not preisynge, that ye comen togidere not in to the betere, but in to the worse.

11:18 First for whanne ye comen togidere in to the chirche, Y here that discenciouns ben, and in parti Y bileue.

11:19 For it bihoueth eresies to be, that thei that ben prouyd, ben opynli knowun in you.

11:20 Therfor whanne ye comen togidere in to oon, now it is not to ete the Lordis soper;

11:21 for whi ech man bifor takith his soper to ete, and oon is hungry, and another is drunkun.

11:22 Whether ye han not housis to ete and drynke, or ye dispisen the chirche of God, and confounden hem that han noon? What schal Y seie to you? Y preise you, but here yn Y preise you not.

11:23 For Y haue takun of the Lord that thing, which Y haue bitakun to you. For the Lord Jhesu, in what niyt he was bitraied,

11:24 took breed, and dide thankyngis, and brak, and seide, Take ye, and ete ye; this is my bodi, which schal be bitraied for you; do ye this thing in to my mynde.

11:25 Also the cuppe, aftir that he hadde soupid, and seide, This cuppe is the newe testament in my blood; do ye this thing, as ofte as ye schulen drynke, in to my mynde.

11:26 For as ofte as ye schulen ete this breed, and schulen drynke the cuppe, ye schulen telle the deth of the Lord, til that he come.

11:27 Therfor who euere etith the breed, or drynkith the cuppe of the Lord vnworthili, he schal be gilti of the bodi and of the blood of the Lord.

11:28 But preue a man hym silf, and so ete he of `the ilke breed, and drynke of the cuppe.

11:29 For he that etith and drinkith vnworthili, etith and drinkith doom to hym, not wiseli demyng the bodi of the Lord.

11:30 Therfor among you many ben sijke and feble, and manye slepen.

11:31 And if we demyden wiseli vs silf, we schulden not be demyd;

11:32 but while we ben demyd of the Lord, we ben chastisid, that we be not dampnyd with this world.

11:33 Therfor, my britheren, whanne ye comen togidere to ete, abide ye togidere.

11:34 If ony man hungrith, ete he at home, that ye come not togidere in to doom. And Y schal dispose othere thingis, whanne Y come.


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