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2 Corinthians 2

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2:1 And Y ordeynede this ilke thing at me, that Y schulde not come eftsoone in heuynes to you.

2:2 For if Y make you sori, who is he that gladith me, but he that is soreuful of me?

2:3 And this same thing Y wroot to you, that whanne Y come, Y haue not sorewe on sorewe, of the whiche it behofte me to haue ioie. And Y triste in you alle, that my ioye is of alle you.

2:4 For of myche tribulacioun and angwisch of herte Y wroot to you by many teeris, not that ye be sori, but that ye wite what charite Y haue more plenteuously in you.

2:5 For if ony man hath maad me soreuful, he hath not maad me sorewful but a parti, that Y charge not you alle.

2:6 This blamyng that ys maad of manye, suffisith to hym, that is sich oon;

2:7 so that ayenward ye rathir foryyuen and coumfort, lest perauenture he that is suche a maner man, be sopun vp bi more grete heuynesse.

2:8 For which thing Y biseche you, that ye conferme charite in to hym.

2:9 For whi therfor Y wroot this, that Y knowe youre preuyng, whether in alle thingis ye ben obedient.

2:10 For to whom ye han foryyuen ony thing, also Y haue foryyue. For Y that that Y foryaf, yif Y foryaf ony thing, haue youun for you in the persone of Crist,

2:11 that we be not disseyued of Sathanas; for we knowen hise thouytis.

2:12 But whanne Y was comun to Troade for the gospel of Crist, and a dore was opened to me in the Lord,

2:13 Y hadde not rest to my spirit, for Y foond not my brother Tite, but Y seide to hem farewel, and Y passide in to Macedonye.

2:14 And Y do thankyngis to God, that euere more makith vs to haue victorie in Crist Jhesu, and schewith bi vs the odour of his knowing in ech place;

2:15 for we ben the good odour of Crist to God, among these that ben maad saaf, and among these that perischen.

2:16 To othere sotheli odour of deth in to deth, but to othere we ben odour of lijf in to lijf. And to these thingis who is so able?

2:17 For we ben not as many, that don auoutrie bi the word of God, but we speken of clennesse, as of God, bifor God in Crist.


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