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2 Corinthians 5

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5:1 And we witen, that if oure ertheli hous of this dwellynge be dissoluyd, that we han a bildyng of God, an hous not maad bi hondis, euerlastynge in heuenes.

5:2 For whi in this thing we mornen, coueitynge to be clothid aboue with oure dwellyng, which is of heuene; if netheles we ben foundun clothid,

5:3 and not nakid.

5:4 For whi and we that ben in this tabernacle, sorewen with ynne, and ben heuyed, for that we wolen not be spuylid, but be clothid aboue; that the ilke thing that is deedli, be sopun vp of lijf.

5:5 But who is it that makith vs in to this same thing? God, that yaf to vs the ernes of the spirit.

5:6 Therfor we ben hardi algatis, and witen that the while we ben in this bodi, we goen in pilgrymage fro the Lord;

5:7 for we walken bi feith, and not bi cleer siyt.

5:8 But we ben hardi, and han good wille, more to be in pilgrymage fro the bodi, and to be present to God.

5:9 And therfor we stryuen, whether absent, whether present, to plese hym.

5:10 For it bihoueth vs alle to be schewid bifor the trone of Crist, that euery man telle the propre thingis of the bodi, as he hath don, ethir good, ether yuel.

5:11 Therfor we witynge the drede of the Lord, councelen men, for to God we ben opyn; and Y hope, that we ben opyn also in youre consciencis.

5:12 We comenden not vs silf eftsoone to you, but we yyuen to you occasioun to haue glorie for vs, that ye haue to hem that glorien in the face, and not in the herte.

5:13 For ethir we bi mynde passen to God, ether we ben sobre to you.

5:14 For the charite of Crist dryueth vs; gessynge this thing, that if oon died for alle, thanne alle weren deed.

5:15 And Crist diede for alle, that thei that lyuen, lyue not now to hem silf, but to hym that diede for hem, and roos ayen.

5:16 Therfor we fro this tyme knowen no man aftir the fleische; thouy we knowun Crist aftir the fleisch, but nowe we knowun not.

5:17 Therfor if ony newe creature is in Crist, the elde thingis ben passid.

5:18 And lo! alle thingis ben of God, which recounselide vs to hym bi Crist, and yaf to vs the seruyce of recounselyng.

5:19 And God was in Crist, recounselynge to hym the world, not rettynge to hem her giltes, and puttide in vs the word of recounselyng.

5:20 Therfor we vsen message for Crist, as if God monestith bi vs; we bisechen for Crist, be ye recounselid to God.

5:21 God the fadir made hym synne for vs, which knewe not synne, that we schulden be maad riytwisnesse of God in hym.


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