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2 Corinthians 6

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6:1 But we helpynge monesten, that ye resseyuen not the grace of God in veyn.

6:2 For he seith, In tyme wel plesinge Y haue herd thee, and in the dai of heelthe Y haue helpid thee. Lo! now a tyme acceptable, lo! now a dai of heelthe.

6:3 Yyue we to no man ony offencioun, that oure seruyce be not repreued;

6:4 but in alle thingis yyue we vs silf as the mynystris of God, in myche pacience, in tribulaciouns,

6:5 in nedis, in angwischis, in betyngis, in prisouns, in dissensiouns with ynne, in trauels, in wakyngis, in fastyngis,

6:6 in chastite, in kunnyng, in long abiding, in swetnesse, in the Hooli Goost,

6:7 in charite not feined, in the word of treuthe, in the vertu of God; bi armeris of riytwisnesse on the riythalf and on the lefthalf;

6:8 bi glorie and vnnoblei; bi yuel fame and good fame; as disseyueris, and trewe men; as thei that ben vnknowun, and knowun;

6:9 as men diynge, and lo! we lyuen; as chastisid, and not maad deed;

6:10 as sorewful, euere more ioiynge; as hauynge nede, but makynge many men riche; as no thing hauynge, and weldynge alle thingis.

6:11 A! ye Corynthies, oure mouth is open to you, oure herte is alargid;

6:12 ye ben not angwischid in vs, but ye ben anguischid in youre inwardnessis.

6:13 And Y seie as to sones, ye that han the same reward, be ye alargid.

6:14 Nyle ye bere the yok with vnfeithful men. For what parting of riytwisnes with wickidnesse? or what felouschipe of liyt to derknessis?

6:15 and what acording of Crist to Belial? or what part of a feithful with the vnfeithful?

6:16 and what consent to the temple of God with mawmetis? And ye ben the temple of the lyuynge God, as the Lord seith, For Y schal dwelle in hem, and Y schal walke among hem; and Y schal be God of hem, and thei schulen be a puple to me.

6:17 For which thing go ye out of the myddil of hem, and be ye departid, seith the Lord, and touche ye not vnclene thing;

6:18 and Y schal resseyue you, and schal be to you in to a fadir, and ye schulen be to me in to sones and douytris, seith the Lord almyyti.


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