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Galatians 1

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1:1 Poul the apostle, not of men, ne bi man, but bi Jhesu Crist, and God the fadir,

1:2 that reiside hym fro deth, and alle the britheren that ben with me, to the chirchis of Galathie,

1:3 grace to you and pees of God the fadir, and of the Lord Jhesu Crist,

1:4 that yaf hym silf for oure synnes, to delyuere vs fro the present wickid world, bi the wille of God and of oure fadir,

1:5 to whom is worschip and glorie in to worldis of worldis. Amen.

1:6 I wondur, that so soone ye be thus moued fro hym that clepid you in to the grace of Crist, in to another euangelie; which is not anothir,

1:7 but that ther ben summe that troublen you, and wolen mysturne the euangelie of Crist.

1:8 But thouy we, or an aungel of heuene, prechide to you, bisidis that that we han prechid to you, be he acursid.

1:9 As Y haue seid bifore, and now eftsoones Y seie, if ony preche to you bisidis that that ye han vndurfongun, be he cursid.

1:10 For now whether counsele Y men, or God? or whether Y seche to plese men? If Y pleside yit men, Y were not Cristis seruaunt.

1:11 For, britheren, Y make knowun to you the euangelie, that was prechid of me, for it is not bi man;

1:12 ne Y took it of man, ne lernyde, but bi reuelacioun of Jhesu Crist.

1:13 For ye han herd my conuersacioun sumtyme in the Jurie, and that Y pursuede passyngli the chirche of God, and fauyt ayen it.

1:14 And Y profitide in the Jurie aboue many of myn eueneldis in my kynrede, and was more aboundauntli a folewere of my fadris tradiciouns.

1:15 But whanne it pleside hym, that departide me fro my modir wombe,

1:16 and clepide bi his grace, to schewe his sone in me, that Y schulde preche hym among the hethene, anoon Y drowy me not to fleisch and blood; ne Y cam to Jerusalem to the apostlis,

1:17 that weren tofor me, but Y wente in to Arabie, and eftsoones Y turnede ayen in to Damask.

1:18 And sith thre yeer aftir Y cam to Jerusalem, to se Petre, and Y dwellide with hym fiftene daies;

1:19 but Y sawy noon othere of the apostlis, but James, oure Lordis brother.

1:20 And these thingis which Y write to you, lo! tofor God Y lie not.

1:21 Afterward Y cam in to the coostis of Syrie and Cilicie.

1:22 But Y was vnknowun bi face to the chirchis of Judee, that weren in Crist; and thei hadden oonli an heryng,

1:23 that he that pursuede vs sum tyme, prechide now the feith, ayens which he fauyte sum tyme;

1:24 and in me thei glorifieden God.


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