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Galatians 3

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3:1 Vnwitti Galathies, tofor whos iyen Jhesu Crist is exilid, and is crucified in you, who hath disseyued you, that ye obeyen not to treuthe?

3:2 This oneli Y wilne to lerne of you, whether ye han vndurfonge the spirit of werkis of the lawe, or of heryng of bileue?

3:3 So ye ben foolis, that whanne ye han bigunne in spirit, ye ben endid in fleisch.

3:4 So grete thingis ye han suffrid without cause, if it be withoute cause.

3:5 He that yyueth to you spirit, and worchith vertues in you, whether of werkis of the lawe, or of hering of bileue?

3:6 As it is writun, Abraham bileuede to God, and it was rettid to hym to riytfulnesse.

3:7 And therfor knowe ye, that these that ben of bileue, ben the sones of Abraham.

3:8 And the scripture seynge afer, that God iustifieth the hethene, of bileue told tofor to Abraham, That in thee alle the hethene schulen be blessid.

3:9 And therfor these that ben of bileue, schulen be blessid with feithful Abraham.

3:10 For alle that ben of the werkis of the lawe, ben vndur curse; for it is writun, Ech man is cursid, that abidith not in alle thingis that ben writun in the book of the lawe, to do tho thingis.

3:11 And that no man is iustified in the lawe bifor God, it is opyn, for a riytful man lyueth of bileue.

3:12 But the lawe is not of bileue, but he that doith tho thingis of the lawe, schal lyue in hem.

3:13 But Crist ayenbouyte us fro the curse of the lawe, and was maad acursid for vs; for it is writun, Ech man is cursid that hangith in the tre;

3:14 that among the hethene the blessyng of Abraham were maad in `Crist Jhesu, that we vndurfonge the biheeste of spirit thoruy bileue.

3:15 Britheren, Y seie aftir man, no man dispisith the testament of a man that is confermed, or ordeyneth aboue.

3:16 The biheestis weren seid to Abraham and to his seed; he seith not, In seedis, as in many, but as in oon, And to thi seed, that is, Crist.

3:17 But Y seie, this testament is confermed of God; the lawe that was maad after foure hundrid and thritti yeer, makith not the testament veyn to auoide awei the biheest.

3:18 For if eritage were of the lawe, it were not now of biheeste. But God grauntide to Abraham thoruy biheest.

3:19 What thanne the lawe? It was sett for trespassing, to the seed come, to whom he hadde maad his biheest. Whiche lawe was ordeyned bi aungels, in the hoond of a mediatour. But a mediatour is not of oon. But God is oon.

3:21 Is thanne the lawe ayens the biheestis of God? God forbede. For if the lawe were youun, that myyte quikene, verili were riytfulnesse of lawe.

3:22 But scripture hath concludid alle thingis vndir synne, that the biheeste of the feith of Jhesu Crist were yyuen to hem that bileuen.

3:23 And tofor that bileue cam, thei weren kept vndur the lawe, enclosid in to that bileue that was to be schewid.

3:24 And so the lawe was oure vndirsmaister in Crist, that we ben iustified of bileue.

3:25 But aftir that bileue cam, we ben not now vndur the vndurmaistir.

3:26 For alle ye ben the children of God thoruy the bileue of Jhesu Crist.

3:27 For alle ye that ben baptisid, ben clothid with Crist.

3:28 Ther is no Jewe, ne Greke, ne bond man, ne fre man, ne male, ne female; for alle ye ben oon in `Jhesu Crist.

3:29 And if ye ben oon in `Jhesu Crist, thanne ye ben the seed of Abraham, and eiris bi biheest.


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