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Ephesians 3

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3:1 For the grace of this thing I Poul, the boundun of Crist Jhesu, for you hethene men,

3:2 if netheles ye han herd the dispensacioun of Goddis grace, that is youun to me in you.

3:3 For bi reuelacioun the sacrament is maad knowun to me, as Y aboue wroot in schort thing,

3:4 as ye moun rede, and vndurstonde my prudence in the mysterie of Crist.

3:5 Which was not knowun to othere generaciouns to the sones of men, as it is now schewid to his hooli apostlis and prophetis in the spirit,

3:6 that hethene men ben euen eiris, and of oo bodi, and parteneris togidere of his biheest in Crist Jhesu bi the euangelie;

3:7 whos mynystre Y am maad, bi the yifte of Goddis grace, which is youun to me bi the worchyng of his vertu.

3:8 To me, leeste of alle seyntis, this grace is youun to preche among hethene men the vnserchable richessis of Crist, and to liytne alle men,

3:9 which is the dispensacioun of sacrament hid fro worldis in God, that made alle thingis of nouyt;

3:10 that the myche fold wisdom of God be knowun to princis and potestatis in heuenli thingis bi the chirche,

3:11 bi the bifore ordinaunce of worldis, which he made in Crist Jhesu oure Lord.

3:12 In whom we han trist and nyy comyng, in tristenyng bi the feith of hym.

3:13 For which thing Y axe, that ye faile not in my tribulaciouns for you, which is youre glorie.

3:14 For grace of this thing Y bowe my knees to the fadir of oure Lord Jhesu Crist,

3:15 of whom ech fadirhod in heuenes and in erthe is named,

3:16 that he yyue to you, aftir the richessis of his glorie, vertu to be strengthid bi his spirit in the ynnere man,

3:17 that Crist dwelle bi feith in youre hertis; that ye rootid and groundid in charite,

3:18 moun comprehende with alle seyntis, which is the breede, and the lengthe, and the hiynesse, and the depnesse;

3:19 also to wite the charite of Crist more excellent than science, that ye be fillid in al the plentee of God.

3:20 And to hym that is myyti to do alle thingis more plenteuousli than we axen or vndurstondun, bi the vertu that worchith in vs,

3:21 to hym be glorie in the chirche, and in Crist Jhesu, in to alle the generaciouns of the world of worldis. Amen.


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