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Philippians 3

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3:1 Hennus forward, my britheren, haue ye ioye in the Lord. To write to you the same thingis, to me it is not slow, and to you it is necessarie.

3:2 Se ye houndis, se ye yuele werk men, se ye dyuysioun.

3:3 For we ben circumcisioun, which bi spirit seruen to God, and glorien in Crist Jhesu, and han not trist in the fleisch,

3:4 thouy Y haue trust, yhe, in the fleisch. If ony othere man is seyn to triste in the fleisch,

3:5 Y more, that was circumcidid in the eiytthe dai, of the kyn of Israel, of the lynage of Beniamyn, an Ebrew of Ebrewis, bi the lawe a Farisee,

3:6 bi loue pursuynge the chirche of God, bi riytwisnesse that is in the lawe lyuynge with out playnt.

3:7 But whiche thingis weren to me wynnyngis, Y haue demed these apeyryngis for Crist.

3:8 Netheles Y gesse alle thingis to be peirement for the cleer science of Jhesu Crist my Lord. For whom Y made alle thingis peyrement, and Y deme as drit,

3:9 that Y wynne Crist, and that Y be foundun in hym, not hauynge my riytwisnesse that is of the lawe, but that that is of the feith of Crist Jhesu, that is of God the riytwisnesse in feith,

3:10 to knowe hym, and the vertu of his risyng ayen, and the felouschipe of his passioun, and be maad lijk to his deeth,

3:11 if on ony maner Y come to the resurreccioun that is fro deth.

3:12 Not that now Y haue takun, or now am parfit; but Y sue, if in ony maner Y comprehende, in which thing also Y am comprehendid of Crist Jhesu.

3:13 Bretheren, Y deme me not that Y haue comprehendid; but o thing, Y foryete tho thingis that ben bihyndis, and stretche forth my silf to tho thingis that ben bifore,

3:14 and pursue to the ordeyned mede of the hiy clepyng of God in Crist Jhesu.

3:15 Therfor who euere we ben perfit, feele we this thing. And if ye vndurstonden in othere manere ony thing, this thing God schal schewe to you.

3:16 Netheles to what thing we han comun, that we vndurstonden the same thing, and that we perfitli dwelle in the same reule.

3:17 Britheren, be ye my foleweris, and weyte ye hem that walken so, as ye han oure fourme.

3:18 For many walken, whiche Y haue seid ofte to you, but now Y wepinge seie, the enemyes of Cristis cros,

3:19 who ende is deth, whos god is the wombe, and the glorie in confusioun of hem, that saueren ertheli thingis.

3:20 But oure lyuyng is in heuenes; fro whennus also we abiden the sauyour oure Lord Jhesu Crist,

3:21 which schal reforme the bodi of oure mekenesse, that is maad lijk to the bodi of his clerenesse, bi the worching bi which he mai `also make alle thingis suget to hym.


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