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Colossians 3

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3:1 Therfor if ye han risun togidere with Crist, seke ye tho thingis that ben aboue, where Crist is sittynge in the riythalf of God.

3:2 Sauere ye tho thingis, that ben aboue, not tho that ben on the erthe.

3:3 For ye ben deed, and youre lijf is hid with Crist in God.

3:4 For whanne Crist schal appere, youre lijf, thanne also ye schulen appere with hym in glorie.

3:5 Therfor sle ye youre membris, whiche ben on the erthe, fornycacioun, vnclennesse, letcherie, yuel coueitise, and aueryse, which is seruyse of mawmetis;

3:6 for whiche thingis the wraththe of God cam on the sones of vnbileue;

3:7 in whiche also ye walkiden sum tyme, whanne ye lyueden in hem.

3:8 But now putte ye awei alle thingis, wraththe, indignacioun, malice, blasfemye and foule word of youre mouth.

3:9 Nyle ye lie togidere; spuyle ye you fro the elde man with his dedes, and clothe ye the newe man,

3:10 that is maad newe ayen in to the knowing of God, aftir the ymage of hym that made hym;

3:11 where is not male and female, hethene man and Jew, circumcisioun and prepucie, barbarus and Scita, bonde man and fre man, but alle thingis and in alle thingis Crist.

3:12 Therfor ye, as the chosun of God, hooli and louyd, clothe you with the entrailis of merci, benygnite, and mekenesse, temperaunce, pacience;

3:13 and support ye echon other, and foryyue to you silf, if ony man ayens ony hath a querele; as the Lord foryaf to you, so also ye.

3:14 And vpon alle these thingis haue ye charite, that is the boond of perfeccioun.

3:15 And the pees of Crist enioye in youre hertis, in which ye ben clepid in o bodi, and be ye kynde.

3:16 The word of Crist dwelle in you plenteuousli, in al wisdom; and teche and moneste you silf in salmes, and ympnes, and spiritual songis, in grace synginge in youre hertis to the Lord.

3:17 Al thing, what euere thing ye don, in word or in dede, alle thingis in the name of oure Lord Jhesu Crist, doynge thankyngis to God and to the fadir bi hym.

3:18 Wymmen, be ye sugetis to youre hosebondis, as it bihoueth in the Lord.

3:19 Men, loue ye youre wyues, and nyle ye be bittere to hem.

3:20 Sones, obeie ye to youre fadir and modir bi alle thingis; for this is wel plesinge in the Lord.

3:21 Fadris, nyle ye terre youre sones to indignacioun, that thei be not maad feble hertid.

3:22 Seruauntis, obeie ye bi alle thingis to fleischli lordis, not seruynge at iye, as plesynge to men, but in symplenesse of herte, dredinge the Lord.

3:23 What euer ye doen, worche ye of wille, as to the Lord and not to men;

3:24 witinge that of the Lord ye schulen take yelding of eritage. Serue ye to the Lord Crist.

3:25 For he that doith iniurie, schal resseyue that that he dide yuele; and acceptacioun of persoones is not anentis God.


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