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Colossians 4

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4:1 Lordis, yyue ye to seruauntis that that is iust and euene, witinge that also ye han a Lord in heuene.

4:2 Be ye bisi in preier, and wake in it, in doynge of thankyngis;

4:3 and preie ech for othere, and for vs, that God opene to vs the dore of word, to speke the misterie of Crist;

4:4 for which also Y am boundun, that Y schewe it, so as it bihoueth me to speke.

4:5 Walke ye in wisdom to hem that ben with outen forth, ayenbiynge tyme.

4:6 Youre word be sauered in salt eueremore in grace; that ye wite, hou it bihoueth you to answere to ech man.

4:7 Titicus, most dere brother, and feithful mynyster, and my felowe in the Lord, schal make alle thingis knowun to you, that ben aboute me.

4:8 Whom Y sente to you to this same thing, that he knowe what thingis ben aboute you, and coumforte youre hertis, with Onesyme,

4:9 most dere and feithful brother, which is of you; whiche schulen make alle thingis that ben doon here, knowun to you.

4:10 Aristark, prisoner with me, gretith you wel, and Mark, the cosyn of Barnabas, of whom ye han take maundementis; if he come to you, resseyue ye hym;

4:11 and Jhesus, that is seid Just; whiche ben of circumcisioun; thei aloone ben myn helperis in the kingdom of God, that weren to me in solace.

4:12 Epafras, that is of you, the seruaunt of Jhesu Crist, gretith you wel; euere bisi for you in preyeris, that ye stonde perfit and ful in al the wille of God.

4:13 And Y bere witnessyng to hym, that he hath myche trauel for you, and for hem that ben at Loadice, and that ben at Ierapolim.

4:14 Luk, the leche most dere, and Demas, greten you wel.

4:15 Grete ye wel the britheren that ben at Loadice, and the womman Nynfam, and the chirche that is in hir hous.

4:16 And whanne this pistle is red among you, do ye, that it be red in the chirche of Loadicensis; and rede ye that pistle that is of Loadicensis.

4:17 And seie ye to Archippus, Se the mynysterie, that thou hast takun in the Lord, that thou fille it.

4:18 My salutacioun, bi the hoond of Poul. Be ye myndeful of my boondis. The grace of the Lord Jhesu Crist be with you. Amen.


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