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1 Thessalonians 4

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4:1 Therfor, britheren, fro hennus forward we preien you, and bisechen in the Lord Jhesu, that as ye han resseyued of vs, hou it bihoueth you to go and to plese God, so walke ye, that ye abounde the more.

4:2 For ye witen what comaundementis Y haue youun to you bi the Lord Jhesu.

4:3 For this is the wille of God, youre holynesse, that ye absteyne you fro fornycacioun.

4:4 That ech of you kunne welde his vessel in holynesse, and onour;

4:5 not in passioun of lust, as hethene men that knowen not God.

4:6 And that no man ouergo, nethir disseyue his brothir in chaffaring. For the Lord is venger of alle these thingis, as we biforseiden to you, and han witnessid.

4:7 For God clepide not vs in to vnclennesse, but in to holynesse.

4:8 Therfor he that dispisith these thingis, dispisith not man, but God, that also yaf his holi spirit in vs.

4:9 But of the charite of britherhed we hadden no nede to write to you; ye silf han lerud of God, that ye loue togidere;

4:10 for ye don that in to alle britheren in al Macedonye. And, britheren, we preyen you, that ye abounde more; and taken kepe, that ye be quyet;

4:11 and that ye do youre nede, and `ye worche with youre hoondis, as we han comaundid to you; and that ye wandre onestli to hem that ben with outforth, and that of no mannus ye desir ony thing.

4:12 For, britheren, we wolen not, that ye vnknowe of men that dien, that ye be not soreuful, as othere that han not hope.

4:13 For if we bileuen, that Jhesu was deed, and roos ayen, so God schal lede with hym hem that ben deed bi Jhesu.

4:14 And we seien this thing to you in the word of the Lord, that we that lyuen, that ben left in the comyng of the Lord, schulen not come bifor hem that ben deed.

4:15 For the Lord hym silf schal come doun fro heuene, in the comaundement, and in the vois of an archaungel, and in the trumpe of God; and the deed men that ben in Crist, schulen rise ayen first.

4:16 Afterward we that lyuen, that ben left, schulen be rauyschid togidere with hem in cloudis, metinge Crist `in to the eir; and so euere more we schulen be with the Lord.

4:17 Therfor be ye coumfortid togidere in these wordis.


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