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1 Timothy 4

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4:1 But the spirit seith opynli, that in the laste tymes summen schulen departe fro the feith, yyuynge tent to spiritis of errour, and to techingis of deuelis; that speken leesing in ipocrisie,

4:2 and haue her conscience corrupt,

4:3 forbedinge to be weddid, to absteyne fro metis, whiche God made to take with doyng of thankingis, to feithful men, and hem that han knowe the treuthe.

4:4 For ech creature of God is good, and no thing is to be cast awei, which is takun with doyng of thankyngis;

4:5 for it is halewid bi the word of God, and bi preyer.

4:6 Thou puttynge forth these thingis to britheren, schalt be a good mynystre of Crist Jhesu; nurschid with wordis of feith and of good doctryne, which thou hast gete.

4:7 But eschewe thou vncouenable fablis, and elde wymmenus fablis; haunte thi silf to pitee.

4:8 For bodili exercitation is profitable to litle thing; but pitee is profitable to alle thingis, that hath a biheest of lijf that now is, and that is to come.

4:9 A trewe word, and worthi al acceptacioun.

4:10 And in this thing we trauelen, and ben cursid, for we hopen in lyuyng God, that is sauyour of alle men, moost of feithful men.

4:11 Comaunde thou this thing, and teche.

4:12 No man dispise thi yongthe, but be thou ensaumple of feithful men in word, in lyuyng, in charite, in feith, in chastite.

4:13 Tyl Y come, take tent to redyng, to exortacioun and teching.

4:14 Nyle thou litil charge the grace which is in thee, that is youun to thee bi profecie, with putting on of the hondis of preesthod.

4:15 Thenke thou these thingis, in these be thou, that thi profiting be schewid to alle men.

4:16 Take tent to thi silf and to doctryn; be bisi in hem. For thou doynge these thingis, schalt `make bothe thi silf saaf, and hem that heren thee.

4:1 Blame thou not an eldere man, but biseche as a fadir, yonge men as britheren; elde wymmen as modris,

4:2 yonge wymmen as sistris, in al chastite.


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