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2 Timothy 2

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2:1 Therfor thou, my sone, be coumfortid in grace that is in Crist Jhesu.

2:2 And what thingis thou hast herd of me bi many witnessis, bitake thou these to feithful men, whiche schulen `be also able to teche othere men.

2:3 Trauele thou as a good knyyt of Crist Jhesu.

2:4 No man holdinge knyythod to God, wlappith hym silf with worldli nedis, that he plese to hym, to whom he hath preuyd hym silf.

2:5 For he that fiytith in a batel, schal not be corowned, but he fiyte lawfuli.

2:6 It bihoueth an erthetiliere to resseyue first of the fruytis.

2:7 Vndurstonde thou what thingis Y seie. For the Lord schal yyue to thee vndurstonding in alle thingis.

2:8 Be thou myndeful that the Lord Jhesu Crist of the seed of Dauid hath rise ayen fro deth,

2:9 aftir my gospel, in which Y trauele `til to boondis, as worching yuele, but the word of God is not boundun.

2:10 Therfor Y suffre alle thingis for the chosun, that also thei gete the heelthe, that is in Crist Jhesu, with heuenli glorie.

2:11 A trewe word, that if we ben deed togidere, also we schulen liue togidere;

2:12 if we suffren, we schulen regne togidere; if we denyen, he schal denye vs;

2:13 if we bileuen not, he dwellith feithful, he mai not denye hym silf.

2:14 Teche thou these thingis, witnessinge bifore God. Nyle thou stryue in wordis; for to no thing it is profitable, but to the subuerting of men that heren.

2:15 Bisili kepe to yyue thi silf a preued preisable werkman to God, with oute schame, riytli tretinge the word of treuthe.

2:16 But eschewe thou vnhooli and veyn spechis, for whi tho profiten myche to vnfeithfulnesse,

2:17 and the word of hem crepith as a canker. Of whiche Filete is, and Ymeneus,

2:18 whiche felden doun fro the treuthe, seiynge that the rising ayen is now doon, and thei subuertiden the feith of summen.

2:19 But the sad foundement of God stondith, hauynge this marke, The Lord knowith whiche ben hise, and, Ech man that nameth the name of the Lord, departith fro wickidnesse.

2:20 But in a greet hous ben not oneli vessels of gold and of siluer, but also of tree and of erthe; and so summen ben in to onour, and summe in to dispit.

2:21 Therfor if ony man clensith hym silf fro these, he schal be a vessel halewid in to onour, and profitable to the Lord, redi to al good werk.

2:22 And fle thou desiris of yongthe, but sue thou riytwisnesse, feith, charite, pees, with hem that inwardli clepen the Lord of a clene herte.

2:23 And eschewe thou foltische questiouns, and without kunnyng, wytynge that tho gendren chidyngis.

2:24 But it bihoueth the seruaunt of the Lord to chide not; but to be mylde to alle men, able to teche,

2:25 paciente, with temperaunce repreuynge hem that ayenstonden the treuthe, that sum tyme God yyue to hem forthenkyng, that thei knowen the treuthe,

2:26 and that thei rise ayen fro the snares of the deuel, of whom thei ben holdun prisoneris at his wille.


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