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2 Timothy 4

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4:1 I witnesse bifore God and Crist Jhesu, that schal deme the quike and the deed, and bi the comyng of hym, and the kyngdom of hym,

4:2 preche the word, be thou bisi couenabli with outen rest, repreue thou, biseche thou, blame thou in al pacience and doctryn.

4:3 For tyme schal be, whanne men schulen not suffre hoolsum teching, but at her desiris thei schulen gadere `togidere to hem silf maistris yitchinge to the eeris.

4:4 And treuli thei schulen turne awei the heryng fro treuthe, but to fablis thei schulen turne.

4:5 But wake thou, in alle thingis traueile thou, do the werk of an euangelist, fulfille thi seruyce, be thou sobre.

4:6 For Y am sacrifisid now, and the tyme of my departyng is nyy.

4:7 Y haue stryuun a good strijf, Y haue endid the cours, Y haue kept the feith.

4:8 In `the tothir tyme a coroun of riytwisnesse is kept to me, which the Lord, a iust domesman, schal yelde to me in that dai; and not oneli to me, but also to these that louen his comyng.

4:9 Hyye thou to come to me soone. For Demas, louynge this world, hath forsakun me, and wente to Tessalonyk,

4:10 Crescens in to Galathi, Tite in to Dalmacie;

4:11 Luk aloone is with me. Take thou Mark, and brynge with thee; for he is profitable to me in to seruyce.

4:12 Forsothe Y sente Titicus to Effesi.

4:13 The cloth which Y lefte at Troade at Carpe, whanne thou comest, bringe with thee, and the bookis, but moost parchemyne.

4:14 Alisaundre, the tresorer, schewide to me myche yuele; `the Lord schal yelde to hym aftir his werkis.

4:15 Whom also thou eschewe; for he ayenstood ful greetli oure wordis.

4:16 In my firste defence no man helpide me, but alle forsoken me; be it not arettid to hem.

4:17 But the Lord helpide me, and coumfortide me, that the preching be fillid bi me, and that alle folkis here, that Y am delyueride fro the mouth of the lioun.

4:18 And the Lord delyueride me fro al yuel werk, and schal make me saaf in to his heuenly kingdom, to whom be glorie in to worldis of worldis.

4:19 Amen. Grete wel Prisca, and Aquila, and the hous of Oneseforus.

4:20 Erastus lefte at Corynthi, and Y lefte Trofymus sijk at Mylete.

4:21 Hiye thou to come bifore wyntir. Eubolus, and Prudent, and Lynus, and Claudia, and alle britheren, greten thee wel.

4:22 Oure Lord Jhesu Crist be with thi spirit. The grace of God be with you. Amen.


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