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Hebrews 13

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13:1 The charite of britherhod dwelle in you, and nyle ye foryete hospitalite;

13:2 for bi this summen plesiden to aungels, that weren resseyued to herborewe.

13:3 Thenke ye on boundun men, as ye weren togidere boundun, and of trauelinge men, as ye silf dwellinge in the body.

13:4 `Wedding is in alle thingis onourable, and bed vnwemmed; for God schal deme fornicatouris and auouteris.

13:5 Be youre maneres withoute coueitise, apaied with present thingis; for he seide, Y schal not leeue thee,

13:6 nether forsake, so that we seie tristily, The Lord is an helpere to me; Y schal not drede, what a man schal do to me.

13:7 Haue ye mynde of youre souereyns, that han spokun to you the word of God; of whiche `biholde ye the goyng out of lyuynge, and sue ye the feith of hem,

13:8 Jhesu Crist, yistirdai, and to dai, he is also into worldis.

13:9 Nyle ye be led awei with dyuerse `techingis, and straunge. For it is best to stable the herte with grace, not with metis, whiche profitiden not to men wandringe in hem.

13:10 We han an auter, of which thei that seruen to the tabernacle, han not power to ete.

13:11 For of whiche beestis the blood is borun in for synne in to hooli thingis bi the bischop, the bodies of hem ben brent with out the castels.

13:12 For which thing Jhesu, that he schulde halewe the puple bi his blood, suffride with out the gate.

13:13 Therfor go we out to hym with out the castels, berynge his repreef.

13:14 For we han not here a citee dwellynge, but we seken a citee to comynge.

13:15 Therfor bi hym offre we a sacrifice of heriyng euere more to God, that is to seye, the fruyt of lippis knoulechinge to his name.

13:16 And nyle ye foryete wel doynge, and comynyng; for bi siche sacrifices God is disserued.

13:17 Obeie ye to youre souereyns, and be ye suget to hem; for thei perfitli waken, as to yeldinge resoun for youre soulis, that thei do this thing with ioie, and not sorewinge; for this thing spedith not to you.

13:18 Preie ye for vs, and we tristen that we han good conscience in alle thingis, willynge to lyue wel.

13:19 More ouer Y biseche you to do, that Y be restorid the sunnere to you.

13:20 And God of pees, that ladde out fro deth the greet scheepherd of scheep, in the blood of euerlastinge testament, oure Lord Jhesu Crist,

13:21 schape you in al good thing, that ye do the wille of hym; and he do in you that thing that schal plese bifor hym, bi Jhesu Crist, to whom be glorie in to worldis of worldis. Amen.

13:22 And, britheren, Y preie you, that ye suffre a word of solace; for bi ful fewe thingis Y haue writun to you.

13:23 Knowe ye oure brother Tymothe, that is sent forth, with whom if he schal come more hastili, Y schal se you.

13:24 Grete ye wel alle youre souereyns, and alle hooli men. The britheren of Italie greten you wel.

13:25 The grace of God be with you alle. Amen.


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