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1 Peter 5

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5:1 Therfor Y, an euene eldre man, and a witnesse of Cristis passiouns, which also am a comynere of that glorie, that schal be schewid in tyme to comynge; byseche ye the eldre men,

5:2 that ben among you, fede ye the flok of God, that is among you, and puruey ye, not as constreyned, but wilfulli, bi God; not for loue of foule wynnyng,

5:3 but wilfulli, nether as hauynge lordschip in the clergie, but that ye ben maad ensaumple of the floc, of wille.

5:4 And whanne the prince of scheepherdis schal appere, ye schulen resseyue the coroun of glorie, that may neuere fade.

5:5 Also, ye yonge men, be ye suget to eldre men, and alle schewe ye togidere mekenesse; for the Lord withstondith proude men, but he yyueth grace to meke men.

5:6 Therfor be ye mekid vndir the myyti hoond of God, that he reise you in the tyme of visitacioun,

5:7 and caste ye al youre bisynesse in to hym, for to hym is cure of you.

5:8 Be ye sobre, and wake ye, for youre aduersarie, the deuel, as a rorynge lioun goith aboute, sechinge whom he schal deuoure.

5:9 Whom ayenstonde ye, stronge in the feith, witynge that the same passioun is maad to thilke brithirhode of you, that is in the world.

5:10 And God of al grace, that clepide you in to his euerlastinge glorie, you suffrynge a litil, he schal performe, and schal conferme, and schal make sad.

5:11 To hym be glorie and lordschip, in to worldis of worldis. Amen.

5:12 Bi Siluan, feithful brother to you as Y deme, Y wroot schortli; bisechinge, and witnessinge that this is the very grace of God, in which ye stonden.

5:13 The chirche that is gaderid in Babiloyne, and Marcus, my sone, gretith you wel.

5:14 Grete ye wel togidere in hooli cos. Grace be to you alle that ben in Crist. Amen.


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