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Revelation 3

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3:1 And to the aungel of the chirche of Sardis write thou, These thingis seith he, that hath the seuene spiritis of God, and the seuene sterris. Y woot thi werkis, for thou hast a name, that thou lyuest, and thou art deed.

3:2 Be thou wakynge, and conferme thou othere thingis, that weren to diynge; for Y fynde not thi werkis fulle bifore my God.

3:3 Therfor haue thou in mynde, hou thou resseyuedist, and herdist; and kepe, and do penaunce. Therfor if thou wake not, Y schal come as a nyyt theef to thee, and thou schalt not wite in what our Y schal come to thee.

3:4 But thou hast a fewe names in Sardis, whiche han not defoulid her clothis; and thei schulen walke with me in whijt clothis, for thei ben worthi.

3:5 He that ouercometh, schal be clothid thus with whijt clothis; and Y schal not do awei his name fro the book of lijf, and Y schal knoueleche his name bifore my fadir, and bifore hise aungels.

3:6 He that hath eeris, here he, what the spirit seith to the chirchis.

3:7 And to the aungel of the chirche of Filadelfie write thou, These thingis seith the hooli and trewe, that hath the keie of Dauid; which openeth, and no man closith, he closith, and no man openith.

3:8 I woot thi werkis, and lo! Y yaf bifore thee a dore opened, which no man may close; for thou hast a litil vertu, and hast kept my word, and denyest not my name.

3:9 Lo! Y schal yyue to thee of the synagoge of Sathanas, whiche seien that thei ben Jewis, and ben not, but lyen. Lo! Y schal make hem, that thei come, and worschipe byfor thi feet; and thei schulen wite,

3:10 that Y louyde thee, for thou keptist the word of my pacience. And Y schal kepe thee fro the our of temptacioun, that is to comynge in to al the world, to tempte men that dwellen in erthe.

3:11 Lo! Y come soone; holde thou that that thou hast, that no man take thi coroun.

3:12 And hym that schal ouercome, Y schal make a pilere in the temple of my God, and he schal no more go out; and Y schal write on hym the name of my God, and the name of the citee of my God, of the newe Jerusalem, that cometh doun fro heuene of my God, and my newe name.

3:13 He that hath eeris, here he, what the spirit seith to the chirchis.

3:14 And to the aungel of the chirche of Laodice write thou, These thingis seith Amen, the feithful witnesse and trewe, which is bigynnyng of Goddis creature.

3:15 I woot thi werkis, for nether thou art cold, nether thou art hoot; Y wolde that thou were could, ethir hoot;

3:16 but for thou art lew, and nether cold, nether hoot, Y schal bigynne to caste thee out of my mouth.

3:17 For thou seist, That Y am riche, and ful of goodis, and Y haue nede of no thing; and thou wost not, that thou art a wretche, and wretcheful, `and pore, and blynde, and nakid.

3:18 Y counsele thee to bie of me brent gold, and preued, that thou be maad riche, and be clothid with whijt clothis, that the confusioun of thi nakidnesse be not seen; and anoynte thin iyen with a collerie, that thou se.

3:19 Y repreue, and chastise whom Y loue; therfor sue thou goode men, and do penaunce.

3:20 Lo! Y stonde at the dore, and knocke; if ony man herith my voys, and openith the yate to me, Y shal entre to hym, and soupe with hym, and he with me.

3:21 And Y schal yyue to hym that schal ouercome, to sitte with me in my trone, as also Y ouercam, and sat with my fadir in his trone.

3:22 He that hath eeris, here he, what the spirit seith to the chirchis.


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