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Revelation 4

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4:1 Aftir these thingis Y say, and lo! a dore was openyd in heuene. And the firste vois that Y herde, was as of a trumpe spekinge with me, and seide, Stye thou vp hidur, and Y shal schewe to thee whiche thingis it bihoueth to be don soone aftir these thingus.

4:2 Anoon Y was in spirit, and lo! a seete was sett in heuene, and vpon the seete oon sittynge.

4:3 And he that sat, was lijk the siyt of a stoon iaspis, and to sardyn; and a reynbowe was in cumpas of the seete, lijk the siyt of smaragdyn.

4:4 And in the cumpas of the seete weren foure and twenti smale seetis; and aboue the troones foure and twenti eldre men sittinge, hilid aboute with whijt clothis, and in the heedis of hem goldun corouns.

4:5 And leitis, and voices, and thundringis camen out of the trone; and seuene laumpis brennynge bifore the trone, whiche ben the seuene spiritis of God.

4:6 And bifor the seete as a see of glas, lijk a crystal, and in the myddil of the seete, and in the cumpas of the seete, foure beestis ful of iyen bifore and bihynde.

4:7 And the firste beeste lijk a lyoun; and the secounde beeste lijk a calf; and the thridde beeste hauynge a face as of a man; and the fourthe beeste lijk an egle fleynge.

4:8 And the foure beestis hadden euery of hem sixe wyngis; and al aboute and with ynne thei weren ful of iyen; and thei hadden not reste dai and nyyt, seiynge, Hooli, hooli, hooli, the Lord God almyyti, that was, and that is, and that is to comynge.

4:9 And whanne tho foure beestis yauen glorie, and honour, and blessing to hym that sat on the trone, that lyueth in to worldis of worldis,

4:10 the foure and twenti eldre men fellen doun bifor hym that sat on the trone, and worschipiden hym that lyueth in to worldis of worldis. And thei casten her corouns bifor the trone,

4:11 and seiden, Thou, Lord `oure God, art worthi to take glorie, and onour, and vertu; for thou madist of nouyt alle thingis, and for thi wille tho weren, and ben maad of nouyt.


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