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Revelation 10

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10:1 And Y say another stronge aungel comynge doun fro heuene, clothid with a cloude, and the reynbowe on his heed; and the face of him was as the sunne, and the feet of hym as a piler of fier.

10:2 And he hadde in his hoond a litil book openyd; and he sette his riyt foot on the see, and the left foot on the erthe.

10:3 And he criede with a greet vois, as a lioun whanne he roreth; and whanne he hadde cried, the seuene thundris spaken her voicis.

10:4 And whanne the seuene thundris hadden spoken her voicis, Y was to writynge. And Y herde a vois fro heuene, seiynge, Marke thou what thingis the seuene thundris spaken, and nyle thou write hem.

10:5 And the aungel whom Y say stondinge aboue the see, and aboue the erthe, lifte vp his hond to heuene,

10:6 and swoor bi hym that lyueth in to worldis of worldis, that maad of nouyt heuene, and tho thingis whiche ben in it, and the erthe, and tho thingis that ben in it, and the see, and tho thingis that ben in it, that time schal no more be.

10:7 But in the daies of the vois of the seuenethe aungel, whanne he schal bigynne to trumpe, the mysterie of God schal be endid, as he prechide bi hise seruauntis prophetis.

10:8 And Y herde a vois fro heuene eftsoone spekynge with me, and seiynge, Go thou, and take the book, that is openyd, fro the hoond of the aungel, that stondith aboue the see, and on the lond.

10:9 And Y wente to the aungel, and seide to hym, that he schulde yyue me the book. And he seide to me, Take the book, and deuoure it; and it schal make thi wombe to be bittir, but in thi mouth it schal be swete as hony.

10:10 And Y took the book of the aungels hond, and deuouride it, and it was in my mouth as swete hony; and whanne Y hadde deuourid it, my wombe was bittere. And he seide to me, It bihoueth thee eftsoone to prophesie to hethene men, and to puplis, and langagis, and to many kingis.


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