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Revelation 20

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20:1 And Y say an aungel comynge doun fro heuene, hauynge the keie of depnesse, and a greet chayne in his hoond.

20:2 And he cauyte the dragoun, the elde serpent, that is the deuel and Sathanas; and he boonde hym bi a thousynde yeeris.

20:3 And he sente hym `in to depnesse, and closide on hym, that he disseyue no more the folkis, til a thousynde yeeris be fillid. Aftir these thingis it bihoueth hym to be vnboundun a litil tyme.

20:4 And Y say seetis, and thei saten on hem, and doom was youun to hem. And the soulis of men biheedid for the witnessyng of Jhesu, and for the word of God, and hem that worschipiden not the beeste, nether the ymage of it, nethir token the carect of it in her forheedis, nethir in her hoondis. And thei lyueden, and regneden with Crist a thousynde yeeris.

20:5 Othere of deed men lyueden not, til a thousynde yeeris ben endid. This is the first ayen risynge.

20:6 Blessid and hooli is he, that hath part in the firste ayenrysyng. In these men the secunde deth hath not power; but thei schulen be prestis of God, and of Crist, and thei schulen regne with hym a thousynde yeeris.

20:7 And whanne a thousynde yeeris schulen be endid, Sathanas schal be vnboundun of his prisoun; and he schal go out, and schal disseyue folkis, that ben on foure corners of the erthe, Gog and Magog. And he schal gadere hem in to batel, whos noumbre is as the grauel of the see.

20:8 And thei stieden vp on the broodnesse of erthe, and enuyrounede the castels of seyntis, and the louyd citee.

20:9 And fier cam doun `of God fro heuene, and deuourede hem. And the deuel, that disseyuede hem, was sent in to the pool of fier and of brymston,

20:10 where bothe the beeste and fals prophetis schulen be turmentid dai and niyt, in to worldis of worldis.

20:11 Amen. And Y say a greet white trone, and oon sittynge on it, fro whos siyt erthe fled and heuene; and the place is not foundun `of hem.

20:12 And Y sai deed men, grete and smale, stondynge in the siyt of the trone; and bookis weren opened, and deed men weren demed of these thingis that weren writun in the bookis, aftir the werkis of hem.

20:13 And the see yaf his deed men, that weren in it; and deth and helle yauen her deed men, that weren in hem. And it was demed of ech, aftir the werkis of hem.

20:14 And helle and deth weren sent in to a poole of fier. `This is the secunde deth.

20:15 And he that was not foundun writun in the book of lijf, was sent in to the pool of fier.


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